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"If you've been wishing for Microsoft to fix the Start menu in Windows 11, Stardock has come to the rescue with Start11."

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"Start11 solves Windows 11's worst Start menu and taskbar sins."

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How-To Geek

"Arguably the most incredible feature of Start11 is the ability to change the Windows 10 start menu to one that looks almost identical to Windows 11's."

Create a common experience across all versions of Windows.

across all versions of Windows.

Reduce the costs of migrating from Windows 10 to 11 by creating standardized desktops.

One Experience, Multiple versions of Windows

Start11 allows you to make Windows 11 look like Windows 10, or Windows 10 function like Windows 11.

Easier transitions with less training

With easy deployment options and a one desktop experience, there is no training or manuals to be updated.

Enhance user productivity with unique features.

with unique features.

Bring back features from previous versions of Windows and enable new functionality.

Restore classic functionality

Ungroup your windows and restore the context menu to the taskbar in Windows 11.

Add new functionality

Now with the ability to add links to local and network drives, individual folders, the recycle bin, and more.

Bring your corporate branding to the desktop and beyond.

to the desktop and beyond.

With Start11, make every desktop an opportunity to extend your brand.

Customize the Start menu to extend your corporate branding

Change the Start button to your logo to create a branded desktop

How Start11 is Used

Design and Deploy Standardized Desktops

Take complete control of the Start menu by deploying a standardized Start menu for your entire organization. Reduce training expenses and downtime when moving between versions of Windows as Start11 can make Windows 11 look like Windows 10 or Windows 10 look like Windows 11.

  • One desktop experience across all supported versions of Windows and Windows Server.
  • Simplify Windows migration by making it easier for users to transition with a common desktop experience.
  • Reduce training and documentation expenses by making Windows 11 look like Windows 10 or even Windows 7 and vice versa.

Bring Your Branding to the Desktop

The desktop is prime real estate that your users see every day. Our clients are creating customized desktops that transform Windows from a plain interface to a digital asset that is extending their brand to where users are spending a significant amount of time.

  • Create a branded desktop experience to extend your marketing efforts to the desktop.
  • Create unique desktop experiences for desktops accessed in public places that reinforce promotions or extend marketing messages.
  • Make the desktop look like a custom experience rather than a vanilla Windows desktop.

Features That Your Users Expect

Windows 11 lacks features that many users expect but Start11 brings them back including ungrouping windows on the taskbar. Advanced options include the ability to pin local and network drives to the Start menu, create new sections, and more.

  • View open applications on the taskbar with ungrouped windows.
  • Quickly access shared network drives and folders directly from the Start menu.
  • Advanced customization options to add or remove sections from the Start11 menu.

Remove Unwanted Content

Windows 11 includes more advertisements than any previous version. From pinned apps in the Start menu, the web content being forced into local search results and other advertisements sprinkled throughout the OS – Windows 11 is optimized for Microsoft’s metrics, not your experience.

  • Start11 search experience removes the advertisements and prioritizes your content.
  • Option to remove the “Recent Documents” section of the Windows 11 Start menu.
  • Advanced functionality allows you to search for text inside of files.

Tools for Fleet Management

Our StartX products are used by thousands of organizations every day and our advanced configurations for silent installs and deployments with tools like ManageEngine, Start11 makes it easy to deploy a standard Start menu to your entire organization.

  • Support for scripting makes it easy to deploy Start11 at scale across your entire fleet.
  • Centralized license management lets you effortlessly activate or deactivate an installation.
  • Single license option lets you manage your entire fleet with a single key for easier administrative management.

Right click on your taskbar for quick setting changes.

Choose to have your taskbar at the top or bottom.

Use a Windows 10 style menu on Windows 11.

Return to the familiar Windows 7 style Start menu.

Choose from 4 menu styles.

Use a full-screen Start menu in Windows 11.

Bring the Windows 11 Start menu to Windows 10.

Easily add a folder or a fence to your Start menu.