SkinStudio 6
Price: $19.95
SkinStudio 6 Plus lets you use and create incredibly cool looking Windows mouse cursors. Purchase SkinStudio 6 Plus now and start using the new BETA today!

The ultimate GUI customization program. It allows users of Windows XP and Windows Vista complete control over how Windows looks and feels.

All current CursorXP Plus users can upgrade to SkinStudio 6 Plus for a special price.

(If you purchased CursorXP Plus, since October 1st, 2007, you will receive a free copy of CursorFX Plus. Check your e-mail for the new download link and registration code or use Stardock Central to install.)

Object Desktop
Price: $49.95
Get Object Desktop now and receive any new products and updates related to Object Desktop for an entire year! (Internet access required for initial installation and updates.)

Object Desktop includes all of the following applications valued individually at over $200.00 for only $49.99:

Price: $24.99
Renew your access for an additional year to new Object Desktop updates and new programs.

Price: $34.99
Upgrade from one of the components above to Object Desktop.

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