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Applications: Sounds & DeskScapes

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Under the "Applications" menu are two sub-tabs called "Sounds" (SoundPackager) and "DreamScapes" for the program of the same name.  These two tabs have a few differences from the other tabs under "Applications" and will be detailed in this section. 

Sounds Tab

The only difference with the Sound tab is that there is no Preview pane, only the Grid View to see what sound themes are available.  All of the other options (i.e. Settings, Theme Options, right-clicking on a theme opens Theme Options menu) and clicking Apply Changes button act the same as the other tabs in the 4. Applications: Overview section.

Sounds tab


The DeskScapes tab is the same as the Sounds tab, except you will see a pull-down menu in the upper, right corner.  This menu gives you the standard Windows choices of sizing the wallpaper for your display area and include:

Wallpaper settings

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