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My Desktop: My Current Desktop

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The "My Desktop" menu tab contains "My Current Desktop" which allows you to save elements you already have applied to your desktop as a new theme.  The Create New Theme" sub-tab allows you to create a new theme for different areas of the desktop.  This section will cover the "My Current Desktop" sub-tab.

My Current Desktop

My Current Desktop contains a list of elements (on the left) currently applied to your computer, which may be included in a new saved theme.  By checking the box next to each element you want saved, it will appear in the list of elements at the bottom of the window.  If you want all elements included, click "Select All" to check all of the boxes.  If you do not want any elements, click "Select None".  If you only want one or two items in the list with a long list, it might be quicker to "Select None", then check just the boxes you want. 

Included elements listed below preview area.

As you check box for each element, if it is a graphic item, it may appear in the preview area.  Uncheck Wallpaper and notice the background in the preview turn white (no wallpaper).  After  selecting the desired elements to be saved, click the Save My Desktop button.  It will then ask you to name your new suite (.suite) file.  Existing suites in the Theme Manager folder will be listed.  After typing in a name, click Save.  (Click Cancel or X to abort.)

Save Suite

The suite you created will then appear on the "Themes" tab, under the "Suites" sub-tab.  If you click on the thumbnail Theme Manager created of your desktop at the time you saved it, it will appear in the preview area.  Saving your own suites allows you to change to other suites or themes, but return to the suite you created at a later time.  You can create as many suites as hard-drive spaces allows.

Saved suite appears on Themes tab under Suites sub-tab.

If you would like to see what theme elements exist on your hard-drive in the Theme Manager folder, click the "View Themes Folder" link (lower, right corner) under the preview area.  It will open an Explorer window listing the various elements.  To close the window, click X.

View Themes Folder


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