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Settings: Advanced Settings

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The Advanced Setting sub-tab allows you to change: the folder where Theme Manager stores themes, the language the user interface uses (only English is supported at this time), setting Internet Settings if you are behind a Proxy Server (i.e. used in businesses), and change the color of the user interface.

Advanced Settings

Themes Folder

If you would like to change the path where themes are stored, click the Browse button to open a dialog box.  Then browse to the desired drive and folder and select it.  If you would like to create a new folder, click on the folder where you want it to appear, then click Make New Folder and a new folder will be created.  Name it as desired, then click on it to select it.  Click OK to accept the selected folder, then click Apply Changes.  (Click Cancel or X to abort.)

Browse for folder


Clicking the "Default" pull-down menu allows you to change what language is used in Theme Manager. Changing the language will require restarting Theme Manager.  After changing the change, click Apply Changes.  (Click X to abort and close Theme Manager.)

Note: As of Theme Manager v3.09 (Feb. 2009), only English was supported.  Newer versions may add additional languages.

Internet Settings

If you there is a proxy server between you and the internet and you are not able to get to the internet with Theme Manager.  Contact your network administrator for the proxy server settings, so you can enter them into Theme Manager.  This will allow you to download themes, etc. from the internet.  Proxy servers are commonly use in businesses.  After entering the settings, click Apply Changes.  (Click X to abort and close Theme Manager.)

Interface Color

You can change the color of Theme Manager's user interface.  The user interface are the windows, tabs, buttons, forms, dialog boxes, etc. that make up Theme Manager.  Simply move the Slider slider with your mouse, by left-clicking & holding down the button as you drag the Slider slider to the desired position (color).  As you move it, the color will change.  Click Apply Changes when you find the right color.  (Even if you do not click Apply Changes, the color change will still take effect.)

To change the color back to default, move the slider Slider to the far left.

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