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The "General Settings" sub-tab, under the "Settings" menu tab has options that affect how Theme Manager works.  On Microsoft Vista, both options are visible, however on Windows XP only the first option is available.

General Settings


General Settings Quick Reference


 What it does...

I want to see advanced options when applying suites. Checked, this will display a dialog box listing the elements in the
theme/suite you are applying to your computer.  This allows you
to check (select) / uncheck (deselect) which elements are applied. 

Unchecked, (default) you will not see the dialog box and the theme/suite
will be applied as normal.
I want to use Aero window frames but keep the rest of the skin.

(Windows Vista feature only.)
Checked, transparent Aero window frames will be used on
all window frames, overriding any applied skin/theme.

Unchecked, (default) no transparent Aero frames, the skin/theme (suite)
will apply whatever skin it has for frames.

Example of Aero transparent frame - see desktop icons behind it.

After selecting "Apply Theme on the Theme - Suites tab for a suite, this Advanced Options dialog box was displayed.

Advanced Options

Check/uncheck boxes, then click Yes to apply the theme/suite to the desktop.  (Click No or X to abort.)


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