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Themes - MyColors sub-tab - showing features of Theme Manager.

Theme Manager allows you to change the various graphics elements, sounds, gadgets and more, by working with other installed Stardock software.  It also manages built-in Windows features, such as: cursors, screen savers, and wallpaper.  Theme Manager simplifies changing all of these elements by doing it in one place, as opposed to running each individual application or Windows menu.

Theme Manager not only allows you to apply existing themes from MyColors, and, but it also allows you to create your own Suites (themes).  These suites can be constructed from existing elements in Theme Manager, in addition to the thousands available on  Plus, if you only want say, a new set of cursors installed, Theme Manager allows you to select just that.  You can pick and choose just the elements you want applied to your desktop.

Features of Theme Manager

You can change of the following elements of your desktop, by having quick access to all of these Stardock programs (if installed): BootSkin Pro (Vista), CursorFX, DeskScapes, DesktopX, IconPackager, LogonStudio Vista, ObjectDock, SoundPackager, and WindowBlinds.  In additional, you can also manage Windows cursors, screen savers, and wallpapers.

  • Wallpapers
  • Visual Styles (WindowBlinds)
  • Animated Wallpaper (Deskscapes format)
  • MP3 Players (Windows Media Player, Cool Player)
  • Sounds (SoundPackager format)
  • Mouse cursors (both Windows and CursorFX)
  • Logon Screens (LogonStudio Vista format)
  • Boot Screens (BootSkin Vista format)
  • Icons (IconPackager themes)
  • Widgets (DesktopX Widgets)
  • Screen Savers (Windows format)
  • Launchers (ObjectDock, WorkShelf)
  • and more...

System Requirements

  • Windows XP (32-bit), Windows Vista (32-bit) or Windows Server 2003.
  • 200 MB free drive space.
  • 256 MB RAM.
  • Internet Connection to download, install and activate.

Upgrading from Previous Versions

You can download new versions from the Stardock Store.


Check the Stardock Store for updates to Theme Manager and other installed Stardock software.

Additional Themes

Check for thousands of free graphic and sound elements for use with Theme Manager and the associated applications.

Location of Themes

Themes you create are stored (by default) on your computer with a ".suite" (without quotes)
file extension in the folder:
Windows Vista:  C;\Users\Public\Documents\Stardock\ThemeManager
Windows XP:  C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\Stardock\ThemeManager


Please contact Stardock Support at:  On that web page you will find helpful FAQs and other troubleshooting information.  If you are unable to resolve your issue, please use the “Contact Support link” to email Support.  When emailing, please include as much information about your computer (i.e. version of Windows, type of computer, version of Theme Manager (on About tab), etc.).  This information will allow support to diagnose your issue much quicker and allow for a faster response.


For additional information on Theme Manager, please refer to these articles on WinCustomize:
"A call to the ScreenShooters!" by Zubaz, (November 29, 2009).
"Theme Manager 3 Walkthrough" by Island Dog, (January 20, 2009).

Also, is a great resource for not only getting a lot of great skins, themes, suites, icons, gadgets, etc., but also provides articles, forums, gallery, store and more.  This is a great site run by Stardock to bring together the best in skinning (graphics) for Windows.  The site is free to use.

You can upload a suite file you created to share on WinCustomize.  This may include original material you actually created, or elements (content) from WinCustomize.  It is common courtesy to add a thanks to the authors of the content you used in your Suite Information Comments.

Direct link to WinCustomize message Forums.


The version of this manual is 1.0 (2-6-09) and is based on Theme Manager (version 3.09).  This manual was written and is maintained by Jim Kennedy (TheProf).  Please email comments or corrections regarding this documentation to:

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