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Jazz up your desktop with this premium suite! Make use of Stardock's Object Desktop technology! See this VIDEO of it in action!


  • Nearly a hundred high quality icons created by Paul Boyer (designer of the Orion icon suite). Supports sizes from 16x16 all the way up to 128x128.
  • A fantastic new visual style that makes use of the new features of WindowBlinds 4 and was developed by Pixtudio.
  • A clever yet useful DesktopX theme created also by Paul Boyer that can monitor your CPU and drive space status along with a program launcher.
  • An intelligent ObjectBar theme that can replace the right-click desktop menu with one that is faster and more useful.
  • A terrific new wallpaper also created by Paul Boyer.
  • It does not require any special software to already be installed. Use as little (such as only the icons and skin) or as much (everything) of the suite as you'd like controlled by Stardock's included Theme Manager(TM).

System Requirements:


Toon-XP in action!
Toon-XP visual style has a unique tabbed style title bar, Windows explorer common task skinning*, and skins the logon, Command line window*, logoff, user switching and "please wait" dialogs.
The Toon-XP DesktopX theme can monitor your drive space, CPU use, and even battery usage if you're using a laptop. The Toon Wharf on the right links the most common tasks.

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