TRIALS of BATTLE is OS/2's FIRST truly native first person action game.

You may never have believed in alien abductions before but Trials of Battle will make you a believer. Taken to a distant world, you must compete in the ultimate arena of competition in your heavily armored hover tanks. Equipped with weapons that are far beyond what is available on Earth and with deadly extras to add a little surprise to your enemy's day, you are ready to face the best of the best from all across the galaxy. You may be good but remember, no human has ever made the rank of Battle Master!

Fast Action Battles in the arena!

Trials of Battle puts you in the cockpit of a hovertank. Before each battle, you must buy equipment to add to your hovertank's weaponry, defenses, or special abilities. During battle, you will compete against deadlier and deadlier opponents. These opponents, either controlled by the computer or by people on the network, on a modem, or via the Internet, will have the same goal as you each round. After the battle, you can use your points to upgrade your hover craft. Add plasma weapons or better armor or equip it with jump jets or better sensors or tracking systems. You have the ability to modify your hover craft to fit your playing style!

A near miss...

Play against the computer or against people via modem, LAN, or Internet!

While Trials of Battle's single player play is exceptional due to its native OS/2 AI (artificial intelligence) engine, Trials of Battle really shines in multiplayer play. If you have a modem, are on a network, or are on the internet, you can play your friends (or strangers) in the arena. Unlike most games (including Quake), Trials of Battle can combine the multiplayer options. This means that if you are on a LAN but a friend of yours isn't, your friend can call in and join the game with you and your friends on your LAN. Few games can compete with Trials of Battle when it comes to multiplayer play.

Connect people from the LAN or modem, or Internet

Logging in to the Internet

Designed from the ground up for 32bit multitasking operating systems!

The gameplay of Trials of Battle could be described as a combination of Quake (fast paced, true 3D texturing) and Mech Warrior (preparing your armored vehicle, locking weapons, and hostile landscapes). This makes for very potent play.

Trials of Battle is the action game OS/2 users have been waiting for! Get it today!

War is hell

Here are some of the cool technical features of Trials of Battle:


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To a distant world to represent humanity in the ultimate test of skill!
Quite a fire fight!
New vehicles for battle!
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