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TweakVista is designed to be the ultimate one-stop tweaking utility for Windows Vista users. It contains dozens of features that encompass nearly every conceivable system tweaking option desired.  What makes TweakVista particularly special is that it is not just designed for power users. Instead, its features have been carefully crafted for casual, non-technical users as well.  All users can now comfortably configure advanced features in clearly labeled, easy to understand language.fmust03

TweakVista was inspired and designed by computer technicians to provide a utility that helps solve problems.  TweakVista’s key features include performance optimizing, start-up program management, program identification, benchmarking, security tweaking, Cost of Use reports, Carbon Footprint analysis and user profiles.

Safety First

TweakVista is safe to use.  Upon first launch the user is prompted to create a Windows System Restore Point so any changes made with TweakVista can be reverted at any time.

Startup / Resource Analysis

Have you ever asked yourself (or been asked) these questions?

  • Why does my computer take so long to boot?
  • I have the similar hardware as my friend, why does my computer seem so much slower?
  • How can I make my computer run faster?
  • How much memory do I need?
  • What programs are using my memory?

TweakVista has the technology to help you answer those questions and a lot more.

Reports pulled from new Windows Vista technology monitor processes during startup and flag applications that take an unusually long time to start.

Resource utilization screens help you see exactly what processes are taking up your computers valuable resources (memory, CPU, file handles, etc.)

Windows Vista is somewhat of a one-size-fits-all solution.  Many services are always running that are only necessary in specific situations.  Tablet PC servces for example are loaded by default on every Windows Vista installation.  TweakVista has clear, easy to read lists of these servies with mouse over tooltips to help you turn off what you don't need.