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Access all of Stardock's software, WinCustomize, forums, chat and more from this one program.

Manage your programs and running tasks with style!

Control multiple PC's with one keyboard/mouse!

Replace or extend your Windows right-click desktop menu.

Jazz up your existing Windows desktop icons.

Galactic Civilizations
Conquer the galaxy in this award winning space based strategy game.

Use CursorXP to customize your WIndows XP cursors.

Use IconPackager to apply sets of icons to Windows.

Make Windows skinnable with WindowBlinds.

Use ObjectBar to create your own pop up menus, system hotkeys and bars.

Use SkinStudio to make your own skins!

Use DesktopX to build your own customized and secure desktop.

Add drop shadows, morphing and more to Windows.

Keyboard Launchpad
Assign hot keys system wide to launch programs, browse the web, and paste saved clipboards. A must have.

Create your own Windows icons

Change your Windows Boot Screen.



WebBlinds is an Internet Explorer extension that makes IE 5 or later a fully skinnable web browser. It uses WindowBlinds technology (called DirectSkin) to do this. Users can mix and match their toolbars, animated throbber, and general akin from their component parts.

Because it integrates with Internet Explorer, users don't lose out on any of the compatibility or functionality in IE. Moreover, it uses much less memory than a fully featured stand alone skinnable browser might use while at the same time having just as much, if not more flexibility than a separate skinnable browser.

With WebBlinds, users get the best of both worlds -- A skinnable browser that is Internet Explorer.

WebBlinds - The registered version

Users who purchase WebBlinds or Object Desktop get access to the Enhanced Registered version of the program. That version gives Internet Explorer SmartBlocking, Internet Performance extensions, and more.

SmartBlocking is a revolutionary new Internet technology that returns control of the browser to the user. Pop-up ads aren't just blocked, they are placed into the IE status bar allowing the user to choose whether they want to view it or not.

The website is also still paid for the pop-up because it's still loaded, WebBlinds simply keeps it from throwing itself in the user's face.

WebBlinds - SmartBlocking(tm) in action!
popup1.gif (22141 bytes) Pop-up ad stopped in its tracks and put into the IE status bar.
popup2.gif (45910 bytes) User can click to see the pop-ups. The site still gets paid since the ad was delivered, the advertiser still gets to send their advertisement out and the user has the choice as to whether they want to see the pop-up ad. WebBlinds is the first and only product to use SmartBlocking technology.

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