WindowBlinds skins are selected from the My Skins section of the WindowBlinds Advanced Configuration. This screen also provides options to add skins to the system (whether downloaded as .WBA/.ZIP files or directly from skin libraries like on the Internet), delete skins, sort the default views of the skin listings, chose a compound skin (if the selected skin includes compound skin elements), and colorizing of skins which include support for color masks. 

Skin selection

Selected skin

To change a skin, simply select it from the listbox click Apply Changes (at left) or Apply this skin now. This will load the skin and immediately apply it to all open and new windows on the system. You can also select the Windows Classic skin to unload WindowBlinds and use the default Windows look.

The listing of skins installed is refreshed when you install/delete a skin or when you change the sorting with the following option. 

Install skin from disk

After downloading a WindowBlinds skin from the Internet (it will be contained in a .WBA or .ZIP file), press this button to bring up a File Open dialog. Select the downloaded .WBA or .ZIP file in question and press Open to install the skin. 

Tip: WindowBlinds skins downloaded from the Internet that have a .WBA file extension can be installed by double-clicking on them with the left mouse button in Explorer. Note that systems using ZipMagic will need to rename .ZIP skin downloads to .WBA and double-click on them to install (ZipMagic treats the .ZIP's as folders and prevents WindowBlinds from installing them correctly).

Skins will be installed to a subdirectory off the WindowBlinds directory. The name of the subdirectory must match the name of the .UIS file included in the .WBA/.ZIP skin package for the skin to show up in the list. 

Tip: There are over 2100 WindowBlinds skins available from the skin libraries at! New skins are being uploaded all the time. Be sure to check out SkinStudio (available standalone and as part of to aid you in creating your own skins!

 Install skin from web

Selecting this option to open a browser window to the WindowBlinds skin library section at Browse the libraries there and click the download link to automatically download and install .WBA skins. Some skins may be packaged as .ZIP files. Save these to your local machine and them follow the instructions under Install skin from disk above.

Find another skin

This button will bring up a dialog to help you search for a specific installed skin. Enter the first few letters of the skin name and press Enter to search.

Filter the skin list

Use this dialog to select alternative sorting options for listing the available skins. The list may be sorted by skin name, skin author, and the date the skin was installed. The checkboxes for the various categories can be disabled to suppress skins from those categories from being displayed. Please note that this is a new feature and not all skins will have category information embedded to allow this option to work.

Edit in SkinStudio

Use SkinStudio (available from to create your own skins or modify existing ones! The enhanced versions for registered users contains a library of GUI Widgets that you can use to mix and match elements from different skins.

Change skin colour *

Skins designed for WindowBlinds may include support for changing the color of the skin. Enable the support via the checkbox on the dialog shown above and select a blending percentage with the slider. Use the Change skin colour button to bring up a color selection window to chose the color you would like to use. 

You can enable the Force the skin to have the colour checkbox to attempt to apply the color features even to skins which have not specifically included support for it. Be aware that it may look funny trying to force this feature on skins that have not been designed with that in mind).

* This option is disabled in the public shareware version. Ordering WindowBlinds or a subscription to will provide access to an enhanced version of WindowBlinds for registered users with this feature enabled. 

Set skin category

Manually set the skin categorization for skins that do not include that information.

Delete this skin

Remove the currently selected skin and its associated files. 

Compound skin dropdown

WindowBlinds supports "skin substyles" or "compound skins" which may include several different variations or looks packaged together as one skin. If supported by the skin, use the dropdown selection to chose the flavor you would like. 

WindowBlinds Advanced Configuration Window Controls

Apply Changes

Apply any changes to settings you have made.

About WindowBlinds

Brings up a dialog with version information about this build of WindowBlinds.

Unload WindowBlinds

Unload WindowBlinds from memory. 

Tip: WindowBlinds can be unloaded by right clicking on the WindowBlinds icon in the system tray and selecting Unload WindowBlinds. You can also create a shortcut to the WBLOAD.EXE file in the WindowBlinds directory and use add a parameter of UNLOAD to send a message to WindowBlinds to unload. 

Tip: When WindowBlinds is not loaded, it is not changing or modifying anything on your system. 

Close Window

Close the WindowBlinds Advanced Configuration window. Selecting this option will not unload WindowBlinds or apply any settings changes you may have made.


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