WindowBlinds allows you to selectively configure specific skins (or no skins at all) on a per application basis. For instance, you might always want your mail program to have a specific skin while the rest of the system uses another one. Or you may wish to exclude an application from being skinned by WindowBlinds. 

Despite hundreds of hours of compatibility work and testing, some applications that use non-standard Windows interfaces (or that skin themselves) may exhibit some visual issues when using WindowBlinds. Try assigning a UIS1+ skin as a per app skin for these apps as well! 

Per Application Settings

Select Display

Use the dropdown control to adjust if per application settings or exclusions are displayed first in the list. 

Tip:  User per application settings are stored in WBPERAPP.INI in the WindowBlinds directory. 

Add per application setting

Press this button to bring up a file open dialog. Select the .EXE file for the application you want to customize. A window will then appear with options to customize the settings for the .EXE you have selected.

Tip: WindowBlinds must be restarted for per application setting changes to take effect. 

Tip: You do not have to navigate to the directory containing the .EXE you want to include if you know the name of the .EXE. Simply type the name and press the Enter key (or the Open button). 

Select skin...

By default, WindowBlinds uses the current system skin. Press the Select skin... button to chose from the currently installed system skin as well as the Disabled skin. 

Total exclusion

Ignore this application and do not skin it

Completely exclude this application from being skinned by WindowBlinds. 

Tip: You can exclude applications when you launch them by holding down the Ctrl key. This will only cause WindowBlinds to ignore skinning that application for that particular instance of the app. You should add an exclusion or a per app skin if you will be using it frequently. 

Non exclusion options

Skin this app even if it uses Direct3D (3D app for example)

By default, WindowBlinds does not attempt to skin any applications (typcially games or apps which include their own skins support) using Direct3D. Enable this option to permit the .EXE you've selected to ignore that restriction and allow WindowBlinds to skin the app. 

Use an alternative method for handling mouse clicks on titlebars

In rare cases, applications will ignore mouse clicks on titlebars WindowBlinds has skinned. Select this option for an alternative.

Feature disabling

Disable background bitmaps for this app

Disable background bitmap skinning support for this application.

Disable flat toolbars for this app

Do not attempt to change the look of toolbars to the "flat" style. 

Disable scrollbars for this app

Prevent WindowBlinds from trying to skin the scrollbars for this application. 

Advanced Features

This exclusion is not inherited by any apps launched from this app

Typically, this option will only be selected when the per application .EXE you have selected is used as a "launcher" for other programs. Normally, any apps launched from the launcher app would be subject to the same per application settings as the launching program. 

Modify per application setting

Brings up the configuration window for selecting per application settings. 

Tip: Use UIS1+ skins for the best compatibility with apps using non-standard drawing methods.

Delete application setting

Remove the currently selected per application setting (changes will take effect the next time you start WindowBlinds).


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