Creating a Skin

Believe it or not, it's relatively simple to create your own custom personalities for WindowBlinds. In their most basic form, a personality consists of a text file defining the location of bitmaps, functions for the skin, and its buttons. 

All you really need is a text editor (even Notepad will do :) and a program that can save .BMP files (MS Paint). However, you can get fancy in the creation of the graphics with almost any program you like. Some people use Adobe Photoshop, other swear by Paint Shop Pro, and some people even go so far as to render all their graphics in higher-end packages.

SkinStudio is an application available from Stardock that simplifies the skin creation process. Object Desktop users can download it via the Component Manager or you can find it on our website at Stardock also maintains a newsgroup for discussion of SkinStudio on our news server at news://

With SkinStudio you can easily:

  • Make your own complete skins for any version of Windows including Windows XP.
  • You don't need to know even one single UIS (skin language) attribute - SkinStudio will describe them all for you.
  • Features a window preview that looks like it's live, but allows you to easily navigate through tons of code.
  • Easy to understand Explorer like IDE (Integrated Development Environment) interface.
  • SkinStudio also supports ObjectBar, WebBlinds, PocketBlinds and Koala Player skins.
  • Other types of skins are expected to be supported in the future including WinAmp 3, msstyles, Trillian, and more.

If you think SkinStudio is cool, then you'll love SkinStudio Pro which allows you to actually import parts of other skins and whole sets of pre-made controls.

Look at how your favorite skins are put together to see how they work their magic. Visit for links to a tutorial and the complete skin format guide. 

Keep those great skins coming!


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