WindowBlinds Public Releases

WindowBlinds 3.5 (all platforms) [Purchase]
For Registered users
wbupdate.gif (394 bytes) WindowBlinds Enhanced The enhanced version of WindowBlinds adds scrollbars and much more!
Enhanced SkinPack Registered users get access to the enhanced skin pack!
Serial number lookup   Misplaced your serial number? Check here for where to find it!
Upgrade to Object Desktop Get WindowBlinds  as part of the complete Object Desktop!  
WindowBlinds: DirectSkin
WindowBlinds: DirectSkin License WindowBlinds technology for use in your applications. Make your application skinnable in minutes.
SkinStudio Create your own WindowBlinds skins!   WindowBlinds Utilities
Support Information
wbupdate.gif (394 bytes) WB3 AddUser Run this utility (after installing WindowBlinds 3) to enable other logons on the system to also use WindowBlinds (NT/2000/XP). [49K - 12/10/2001] 
Video driver updates Updated video driver links and notes for specific cards. If you are having a problem with WindowBlinds on your display read check out this link.

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