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You can change the fonts in a visual style by increasing or decreasing the size, changing the font the skin uses, turn off/on shadow & outline effects, turn off/on system wide fonts and change individual skin fonts. Not all skins support changing the fonts. After making any changes, click "Apply changes" to update your desktop visual style.

Fonts tab.

Font Size

To change the size of the font, either drag the slider Slider or click anywhere along the horizontal line and the Slider will jump to that spot.  Moving the Slider to far left will make the font smaller and to the far right will make it larger. The preview will reflect this change.

Changing size of fonts.

Clicking the Normal button will move the slider back to the normal position for that skin.

Disabling Font Options

To disable shadow and outline text effects, check the box next to "I do not want shadow and outline text effects used on controls".  Controls are things such as buttons, check boxes, radio buttons, scroll bars, progress bars, combo / list boxes, etc..  To re-enable it, simply uncheck the box.

Disabling font options.

To disable system wide fonts the skin uses, check the box for "I do not want to use any system wide fonts defined by this skin".  To re-enable it, simply uncheck the box.

Changing Fonts

To change the font used by the skin, scroll the list to locate & select the desired font.  Then click "Apply changes" to update your desktop.

List of available fonts.

To return to the font used by the skin, scroll to the top of the list and click on "Allow the skin to decide on the fonts".

Changing Select Fonts

To change fonts used in the skin for specific items, click on "Change individual skin fonts".  This will open a dialog box with the following options:

Change skin fonts dialog.

The following table describes the steps to change a font. You can change only the parts of the font you want. For instance, you could just select the substyle, area (i.e. systray) and size. You need to at least select a substyle (#1) and area (#2) to edit. Then you can change one thing (i.e. weight) or everything (i.e. #3-6) for the selected area.

Quick Reference



1. Select a substyle to edit

Each skin has one or more substyles. Some include different styles for different versions of Windows (i.e. Windows 7, Vista, XP). Select the substyle to edit.

Select a substyle.

Or select "Create new substyle" (bottom) to store all of your changes separate from the other substyle(s). When the dialog opens, name it & select an existing substyle to base your new substyle on. Click Create to save. (Click Cancel or X to abort.)

Create new substyle dialog box.

2. Select a font to edit

Select the area you want to change. Each listed area displays the current font, size and other information of the far right.

Select a font to edit to edit.

3. Change the font used

Select the new font from the list.

List of available fonts.

4. (Select the effect)

From the pull-down menu, select the desired effect or "Normal text (no effect)":

Font effects.

5. (Pick the font style)

This ranges from a thin lettered font to normal to a heavy (thick) weight.

Select weight of font.

6. (Select the size)

Ranges from tiny to large size fonts. Click on an existing number or type a different number into the field.

Size of font - clicl pull-down menu.

If you ever want to restore font settings (for built-in substyles, not ones you created) to the defaults for that skin, click the Recover original button.  Click Yes to revert back to original version of the skin or No to cancel (abort).

Revert to original font settings.

To save changes (to the desired substyle at the top), click Save font change.  Now you can select a different font to edit & save changes.  Or you can click on Close window, and then click on "Apply changes" to update your desktop skin.

Clicking X (far right, under preview) will close the "Fonts" tab and return to the "Visual Styles" tab.