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Clicking on the "Wallpapers" tab allows you to add a wallpaper to the selected visual style. Only the "Corporate" skin includes a couple of wallpapers, while the rest WindowBlinds found on your hard-drive. You can add other folders for WindowBlinds to search for graphic image files for use as wallpaper. The "Current" wallpaper (left) is what image is currently applied to your desktop.

Wallpapers tab.

When you move the cursor over a thumbnail, the resolution of the wallpaper image will be displayed (i.e. width X height, 1920x1200). When you select a wallpaper by clicking on the thumbnail, the preview will be updated. This allows you to see how it will look with your selected skin. Wallpapers included in skins are displayed at the far left, and are separated by a vertical line of dots between them and non-skin wallpapers (to the right).

Filter By Colour

You can filter by colours used in each wallpaper, by clicking the desired colours to the right of the word "All" (which lists all coloured wallpapers). For instance, clicking "Red" will only display thumbnails that have a lot of red or reddish colours. Clicking "Red" & "Green" will display wallpapers with the majority of both colours in them. There are also options for "Light" (coloured wallpapers) and "Dark" shades. You can combine any of these to help find the desired type of image. as you add more wallpaper images, these features will be helpful.

Result of filtering by red and green.

Clicking "All" will uncheck all colors & shades and display all wallpapers.

Filter by Rating

Each wallpaper has a rating, each is given three stars (default). You can change the rating by clicking on the number of stars. You can then search for wallpapers of a given rating or above, by clicking on the number of stars (or higher) you want to see. So for example, if you selected two stars (next to "Filter by"), you will only see thumbnails of skins with two or more stars.

Filter by rating.

You can filter by both colour(s) and rating to find the best match.

Results of filtering by both colors and rating.


Clicking "Settings" (far right, above "Filter by") opens a "Wallpaper settings" dialog box that will list the current folders WindowBlinds uses to search for wallpaper images on your computer of type: .BMP & .JPG. By default these folders are included and can not be removed, however they can be unchecked (not included in search):

Wallpaper settings dialog - allows you to select where to find images.



 Where it looks...

Windows Directory

(Checked, default) will search under the C:\Windows folder on your hard-drive.

Web Directory

(Checked, default) includes the folder where Windows stores default wallpapers.

My Pictures

(Checked, default) searches the default Windows folders where pictures are stored. If you store pictures in a different folder, say from a digital camera, scanner, etc., you can add that folder to the list by clicking Add Folder.

WindowBlinds Wallpaper Directory (Unchecked, default) checks the folder where WindowBlinds stores wallpaper included in skins. So if you want to see every wallpaper included in your skins, check this option. Skins that include wallpapers, may have a number of the same image, but in different resolutions.

You can add additional folders for WindowBlinds to search by clicking the Add Folder button. This opens the "Browse For Folder" dialog box, where you can browse & select the folder. The name of the folder will appear next to "Folder:".

Browse For Folder dialog box.

Click New Folder to create a new folder, then type a name. Click OK to save changes. (Click Cancel or X to abort.) The new folder will be added to the list displaying the file path.

To remove a folder, select it from the list and click Remove Folder and it will be removed. You will not be asked for confirmation. You can not remove the four default folders.

You can change how wallpaper is displayed on your screen, by changing the option under "Wallpaper mode". The choices are as follows:


 Where it looks...

Smart mode

(Default) Lets WindowBlinds determine what is best for the display resolution of your monitor.


Fits the screen resolution.


If the original image is smaller than will natively fit on your screen, WindowBlinds will repeat copies of it in a left to right and top down pattern. For example, if the image uses only one third of your screen, then the copy below it will most likely be truncated (cut off) as there is not enough space to show all of it properly.

Centre Centers the wallpaper image on the screen. If the image is large enough to fill the screen, you may not notice any difference. When the image is smaller, you will see the image centered and a colour around it. That colour may be from the skin or from Windows.

Click the Close button or X to save changes. (Clicking X will not remove a folder you added/removed or checked/unchecked.) After making changes, scroll to review the updated list of wallpapers. Click on the desired wallpaper & click "Apply changes" to add it to your desktop.

Clicking X (far right, under preview) will close the "Wallpapers" tab and return to the "Visual Styles" tab.