Privacy Statement

Stardock Corporation and its application service provider are committed to ensuring the privacy of its customers.  Stardock considers anyone using any of its products a customer and thus entitled to our privacy guarantee.

WindowBlinds incorporates Internet features that enable users to conveniently obtain new "skins" for it as well as receive news and information about the program.   This feature is OFF by default, you must enable it by right clicking on the WB tray icon and choosing Configure Internet Integration.  

What is collected

If the Internet Integration features are enabled, you are presented with a dialog box the first time you use WindowBlinds and are connected to the Internet.   To use the Internet features of WindowBlinds, fill out this information to create an account on  This information is treated confidentially and its data is merely for statistical purposes to help us serve customers better.

The second portion of data that WindowBlinds sends if Internet features are enabled is sent once per hour.  This information is your identification code to tell us who you are, and what skin is in use, what operating system is in use, and what version of WindowBlinds is running.  This data is used to identify the user, and calculate what the most widely used skins are in order for users to gauge which skins are "the best" for actual use.  That OS version allows us to concentrate our compatibility testing resources to reflect what our customers are using.  It is our goal to share these statistics with you, our users -- as they are just as much yours as they are ours.

Disabling these features

If for any reason you do not want this information sent, the Internet features can be disabled by right clicking on the WindowBlinds icon in the system tray, choosing Configure Internet Integration and choosing Do not use Internet Features from the list of options.