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Optimize, deep clean, and diagnose your system with just one program

  • NEW! Support for modern multi-core processors in System Information
  • NEW! Multiple new Windows 11 tweaks for taskbar, Explorer and more
  • NEW! Better overview and easier handling in Link Checker and Context Menu Manager
  • NEW! Up to 75% faster cleaners
  • NEW! Convenient cookie manager for "safe" cookies
  • Thorough in-depth cleaning of system critical areas
  • Window scaling and docking based on Windows Aero Snap
  • Find and delete old Windows versions, updates, and system caches
  • Instantly access features and up-to-date data on your dashboards
  • Merge free disk space with Defrag
  • Extensive drive analysis and hardware review with Defrag


Is your PC slow and sluggish? Can’t figure out where that one setting is hiding so you can toggle it off? Are you worried about your privacy online? The solution to these problems, plus so many more, can be found in WinOptimizer 25, a powerful PC auto-cleaner and tune-up solution from Ashampoo.

WinOptimizer is much more than a mere tune-up and cleaning suite. With over 30 powerful modules from security maintenance to privacy protection, to smart system analyses, this program is the total package just for you.


Boot Center for the Perfect System Start

Find out exactly what is impacting startup times and eliminate delays. Examine running processes, autorun entries and disable unnecessary programs. The task view lists all Windows tasks, even orphaned entries that got left behind during uninstalls. Rid yourself of unneeded items for a faster, cleaner start-up.

Take care of eight major problem areas of Windows in a single click. Free up space, and reduce compromises to your privacy and security with Internet Cleaner. Delete redundant files and reclaim disk space with Drive Cleaner, and remove invalid Registry entries with Registry Cleaner.


System Analysis and Live Overviews

Discover bottlenecks and spot potential enhancements with ease. For a quick overview, check out the "Inform" dashboard. For more in-depth information, like installed hardware, drivers and codecs, visit "System Information".

Dashboards paint a detailed picture of your system condensed into constantly updated key figures. "Clean", "Optimize" and "Inform" always have the latest details on these vital tasks–including full feature access! Enjoy precious information neatly visualized.


Brand new cleaners with more power and efficiency

The cleaners in Ashampoo WinOptimizer 25 are 50% faster and more effective than the previous generation. Older systems will particularly benefit from the enhanced performance, reduced memory footprint, and new context menus. All cleaners have been fine-tuned for current operating systems, setups, and browsers.

Get rid of old Windows versions, backups, and usage statistics. Fix display issues, speed up your Windows Explorer, and regain hard disk space. Benefit from eight powerful new options and give your Windows PC the ultimate performance makeover!


Privacy Manager for Windows 11, 10, and 7 Systems

Combine the power of the popular AntiSpy and Windows Privacy modules and expand on them with new features, like the ability to disable telemetry functions. Is it okay for Windows to share your passwords? Do you really want Cortana to analyze your handwriting? Now you get to decide.

13 comprehensive categories offer total all-round protection against nosy apps and Windows components. Privacy Manager allows you to adjust 73 critical system settings and take back control of your privacy.


Remove junk data and prevent it before it even happens using Auto-Clean. Whenever you close your browser or any other program, it makes a clean sweep and gets rid of files you no longer need. Real-time tweaking to accelerate program launches with Live-Tuner can be manually customized to modify process priorities. If you’re a gamer, Game-Booster terminates all background processes non-essential in order to give your games the ultimate performance boost. Once you finish playing, the changes are reverted automatically so you can continue working normally.


Make your PC faster, cleaner and more secure today

System Requirements

  • For up to 3 devices at home
  • Separate license for each installation required in a commercial setting
  • Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 7
  • Systems with ARM processors are not supported
  • Screen resolution 1280x768 (Recommended: 1920x1080)
  • Full administrative rights are required to use the program