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Optimize, deep clean, and diagnose your system with just one program

  • NEW! Updates and improvements made to most modules
  • NEW! Faster drive analysis in Disk Doctor
  • NEW! Manage cookies directly with Internet Cleaner
  • Instantly access features and up-to-date data on your dashboards
  • Defrag without any performance drain
  • Merge free disk space
  • Review and analyze your drive extensively
  • View enhanced system details with optimized hardware detection
  • Get more details on installed hardware during system analyses
  • Review detailed analysis logs


Is your PC slow and sluggish? Can’t figure out where that one setting is hiding so you can toggle it off? Are you worried about your privacy online? The solution to these problems, plus so many more, can be found in WinOptimizer 19, a powerful PC auto-cleaner and tune-up solution from Ashampoo.

WinOptimizer is much more than a mere tune-up and cleaning suite. With 37 powerful modules from security maintenance to privacy protection, to smart system analyses, this program is the total package just for you.


NEW: Boot Center

Everything you need to know about your system’s start-up behavior is now easily accessed thanks to the new Boot Center module. Review your PC’s boot times, autorun entries, and scheduled tasks with just a few clicks. Find what’s bogging down your machine and trim them out for a faster, cleaner start-up.

Deal with several issues at once with 1-click optimization! Free up space by eliminating web browsing traces with Internet Cleaner, and reduce compromises to your privacy and security. Delete redundant files and reclaim disk space with Drive Cleaner, and remove invalid Registry entries with Registry Cleaner. Improve your PC’s performance and avoid system errors all at once.


NEW: Improved Optimization Dashboard

Get a detailed picture of your system quickly and instantly access essential features with Dashboards! There's no longer any need to manually open modules to get the whole picture - you can find all of the latest details on vital tasks under “Clean, Optimize, and Inform.” Status updates on your Registry, dubious services or privacy threats, and much more are all neatly arranged for you to assess. Once you spot an area that requires action, a single click will take you right to the affected module.

WinOptimizer 19 brings updates to several of the modules within the program, including Internet Cleaner, Disk Doctor, Privacy Manger, and more.


New: Improved Cleaning modules

Don’t wait for Spring to do a system cleaning – stay on top of it all year round with auto cleaners! WinOptimizer 19 adds a fresh new look, new features, and improved performance to its popular Cleaner modules. Manage your cookies and eliminate web browsing traces, track down file clutter, find orphaned registry entries, and reclaim precious disk space.

Track down where the latest browsers and setup programs store junk files and clean them out. Eliminate risks to your privacy with auto-cleaners that will constantly analyze and detect new threats. With full support for multi-user environments, you won’t have to clean each profile separately ever again.


New: Improved Privacy Manager

Take back control of your system by deciding which passwords, telemetry data, and photos are sent out or kept private. With the included Win10 Privacy Control and Antispy, you can crack down on unsolicited tracking of your PCs, personalized ads, or invasive programs.

13 comprehensive categories within the privacy manager offer all-around protection against nosy apps and Windows components. Within this module, you can adjust up to 73 critical system settings and take back total control of your privacy.


Remove junk data and prevent it before it even happens using Auto-Clean. Whenever you close your browser or any other program, it makes a clean sweep and gets rid of files you no longer need. Real-time tweaking to accelerate program launches with Live-Tuner can be manually customized to modify process priorities. If you’re a gamer, Game-Booster terminates all background processes non-essential in order to give your games the ultimate performance boost. Once you finish playing, the changes are reverted automatically so you can continue working normally.


Make your PC faster, cleaner and more secure today

System Requirements

  • Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7
  • Download-version, use it on up to 10 PCs in your household
  • Separate license for each installation required in a commercial setting