BUGS for Windows is coming...

No sooner is Windows 98 released that the BUGS arrive

For Immediate Release:

Monday, June 29, 1998

Contact: Alexander Antoniades, (734) 762-0687x228

This August Starock will be releasing Cramon Utilities’ pulse pounding BUGS arcade game for Windows 95/98 and NT.

BUGS is a relatively straight forward game of saving the galaxy from alien creatures. You fly a lone star ship in which you must destroy these invaders one by one. The Galaga-like game play changes from level to level as new bugs are introduced as the game progresses. A boss bug arrives on the scene every few levels in an effort to wipe out the puny human resister.

BUGS was first released on IBM’s OS/2 operating system and is one of the most popular OS/2 games available. Its very simplicity (and low price) have attracted many OS/2 gamers and even won it the coveted OS/2 game of the year runner up award (behind Galactic Civilizations) from OS/2 Inside magazine for 1998. The OS/2 version will also be updated with the new graphics and features that the Windows version will receive.

BUGS will list for $14.95. Anyone looking for a fast and fun diversion needs to look no further than BUGS.

This August, prepare for the fight of your life as BUGS comes to a computer near you...

More information can be found at Stardock’s website http://www.stardock.com. Stardock can be reached at 734-762-0687