Stardock Announces "The Corporate Machine"

Sequel to Entrepreneur to be published by Ubisoft


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Monday, August 9, 1999

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Canton MI – Stardock Systems, Inc. announced the sequel to Entrepreneur today. The new game, called The Corporate Machine, builds upon the game features found in its predecessor and takes those features to the next level. The Corporate Machine is a real time strategy game in which players start their own company and must dominate the world. Loosely based on the real world operations of a large unnamed software company.

Originally to be titled "Monopolization", Ubisoft and Stardock decided to avoid any potential confusion with the game "Monopoly" and renamed it to "The Corporate Machine".

Users compete by creating superior technology, wielding industrial might, and marketing savvy, players must ruthlessly eliminate all their competition in their quest for ultimate domination.

The game includes three industries to choose from – automobiles, aircraft, and computers. The player builds factories, research centers, and marketing offices in an effort to out manufacture, out engineer and out market their opponent. The world itself is divided into many different regions with each desiring something different as their "ideal" product. Players must tailor their products to the needs of their customers while keeping them cost competitive.

"Make no mistake, The Corporate Machine is a war game," said Brad Wardell, Product Manager of the game. "Companies not only have to create better products, but often have to play very ruthlessly to win."

The Corporate Machine builds upon the strengths of Entrepreneur and enhances every area of game play. For instance, research is now conducted via a technology tree rather than moving slider bars. Players have more control over the world economies via the ability to build additional structures. The streamlined user interface allows players interact to almost every aspect of the game from a single screen.

"In many ways, the game combines elements of Entrepreneur and Civilization," said Wardell. "Players get into an industry at the very beginning of it and can watch it evolve from its primitive starting point to multiple futuristic directions. We also wanted to give gamers direct influence on the regions. We felt that in Entrepreneur, where you started geographically had too much importance. Now a user can build a distribution center or an economic center to make the regions they are strong in much better."

The Corporate Machine also retains one of the most popular and revolutionary features found in its predecessor – Direct Action Cards. Each year, players receive a direct action card. When the player controls a region with a special resource (such as political, scientific, or economic) they gain the ability to use direct action cards that require those resources. These "cards" allow the players to create much more complex strategies without over-complicating the game itself. For instance, a player with enough labor resources could use those resources to incite a labor strike at a target opponent’s factory. By saving enough political resources a player could get the government to standardize on their product instead of an opponent’s giving them a major advantage in those regions. The Corporate Machine will add even more direct action cards into the mix ensuring the game’s already excellent re-playability is even better.

Game play isn’t the only area Stardock has focused on for this new release. Teaming up with Ubisoft, Stardock has focused completely on the development instead of having to save its resources for marketing and distribution of the game. The results are quite visually dramatic as The Corporate Machine sports 24-bit high-resolution graphics, a new sound track, and much stunning artwork giving players a visual treat.

"Not only did we improve the graphics by several orders of magnitude, but we’ve made the graphics engine faster. The hardware requirements for The Corporate Machine will actually be less than what they were for Entrepreneur. You don’t see that too often in a sequel," said Wardell.

A final ship date has not been set for The Corporate Machine, but the current target date is 4th quarter of 1999. Given Entrepreneur’s universally good reviews and installed base, The Corporate Machine should have no trouble finding its way into many homes this Fall. Now everyone can take the reigns of an all powerful corporate entity and smite their competitors. But like in the real world, would-be corporate moguls will have to be wary of the Department of Justice.

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The Corporate Machine

Developed by Stardock Systems, Inc.

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Release Date: Not set (probably 4Q99)

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