Entrepreneur: Corporate Expansion!
Stardock announces the official expansion pack for the hit game, Entrepreneur!

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Thursday, May 28, 1998

Contact: Alexander Antoniades
Stardock Systems, Inc.
(734) 762-0687 x 228
Atlanta, GA – Stardock Systems, Inc. Announced the first expansion pack for Entrepreneur at E3 today. Entrepreneur is a real time strategy game in which players build a corporate empire from the ground up and must crush their competitors.

Loosely based on the exploits of a certain large software company, Entrepreneur puts players in the chair of the corporate CEO in an attempt to achieve nothing less than world domination. The game is won by obtaining a monopoly level of the world’s markets in the industry you choose to play in.

The game has won universal praise from reviewers and gamers alike for its combination of tactics and strategy. Unlike most real time games, Entrepreneur is not a "click-fest", players can carefully plan out their strategy and execute it in the way they want.

Entrepreneur, which is at most stores, ships with the computer industry as the market you can choose to play in. Stardock has since released some new markets for free download off its web site along with several new maps and other additions.

The Entrepreneur expansion pack will include a host of new industries to play in, several new maps, a large number of new direct action cards, and new features built into the game along with improved graphics.

Entrepreneur has been described as a cross between MULE, Civilization and Magic the Gathering in terms of game play.

The expansion pack will be available at the end of June directly from Stardock (734-762-0687) and will list for $24.95. Users who pre-order it before July 1 can get it at the special pre-order price of $19.95.

Stardock’s web site can be found at http://www.stardock.com

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Screen Shots
Research Screen will be much more flexible with new DIMs.
Main map screen will have updated graphics and a great deal more statistical data at your finger tips.