Stardock Announces WindowBlinds

Revolutionary new product gives users total control over the look and feel of Windows


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Wednesday, March 24, 1999

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Stardock Systems, Inc.
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Canton, MI – Stardock Systems, Inc. announced WindowBlinds today. WindowBlinds is a program that allows users to change virtually every aspect of the way Windows looks. Users can change title bars, borders, menus, buttons, check boxes, radio buttons, dialog styles, icon text, and many other parts of Windows to look like just about anything.

These changes are seamlessly integrated into Windows using very little in the way memory and for most users no loss in performance. WindowBlinds 0.80, the most current version is publicly available at It is freely available for trial with all functionality enabled. Users can register WindowBlinds for only $19.95 from Stardock’s secure Internet Commerce Server.

WindowBlinds began as a single component of Stardock’s upcoming desktop environment -- Object Desktop for Windows. The component was orignally designed to allow corporations to have greater control over what user interface features of Windows were available. Moreover, it would give companies more flexibility over the general look and feel of Windows. As it has matured, its popularity began to take on a life of its own

"WindowBlinds was originally designed for corporations for use in kiosks and by companies looking to have greater control over their users’ environment," said Brad Wardell, Product Manager for Object Desktop. "But it became apparent that there was a huge pent up demand on the part of end users for customized Windows looks. As soon as we began letting end users try it out, it really took off."

In fact, the preview versions of WindowBlinds available on have received hundreds of thousands of downloads in less than two months of beta availability. The unpublicized program, buried deep on Stardock’s home page, has quickly become one of the ten most popular downloads on the Internet. Soon after, users began submitting "skins" (themes for WindowBlinds) which are now posted on Stardock’s WindowBlinds page ( With WindowBlinds, it is simple for users to make Windows look like everything from an alternative operating system to something out of a science fiction movie.

The uses for WindowBlinds are endless, ranging from corporate desktops to end users wanting to complement their existing icon and sound themes for Windows.

"We expect in a matter of months that when a new movie or game comes out, someone will create an icon scheme based on the movie along with a WindowBlinds skin. When you combine the two, you have a pretty thorough change in the way Windows looks and feels," said Wardell.

WindowBlinds not only changes the look of Windows, it adds a great deal of functionality and usability enhancements as well. Users can add features such as "Roll-Up" buttons, buttons that launch specific programs, and buttons that make a particular window behave in a specific way (such as always being on top).

The WindowBlinds developers kit shows the corporate market still remains a focus for Stardock. This kit allows software developers to painlessly add WindowBlinds enhancements to their programs without the user having WindowBlinds installed. But with the huge following of end users WindowBlinds has gathered, it is expected to be a hit product at retail, especially with such a low price.

Stardock expects WindowBlinds 1.0 to be released by this summer. Visit try out WindowBlinds.

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Stardock WindowBlinds

Price: Shareware $19.95

Stardock Systems, Inc.

15090 Beck Rd., Suite #300

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WindowBlinds is a trademark of Stardock Systems, Inc. Requires Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0, or Windows 2000.