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Stardock Corporation
15090 Beck Rd., Suite #300 Plymouth MI 48170
United States

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Stardock Magazine!

Every season Stardock sends out to customers and subscribers a free copy of its magazine. A couple months later, Stardock releases a PDF version of the magazine on-line. Stardock Magazine is designed as a high-content magazine that focus's on software that runs on OS/2, Windows 95, and Windows NT (mostly Stardock software of course). To read the on-line version, you need to have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader installed.


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file.gif (198 bytes)OS/2 Past Present Future: Part 1

file.gif (198 bytes)OS/2 Past Present Future: Part 2

file.gif (198 bytes)OS/2 Past Present Future: Part 3


file.gif (198 bytes)Warpstock '98

file.gif (198 bytes) OS Wars '98

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Stardock Magazine: Winter 1997 (2.4MB PDF)
Stardock Magazine: Spring/Summer 1997 (1.7MB PDF) 

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