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Stardock Corporation
15090 Beck Rd., Suite #300 Plymouth MI 48170
United States

Tel (734)927-0677
Fax (734)927-0678



Media Relations, Inc.

Media Relations Page

Stardock Entertainment

The Corporate Machine Announced (8/99)

Stardock Systems, Inc.

Year 2000 Statement (11/3/98)

Entrepreneur 1.5 (8/98) released

Press Release (6/98) BUGS released

Press Release (6/4/98) Corporate Expansion Pack released for Entrepreneur

Press Release (6/3/98): Stardock partners with Media Master International of Taiwan

Press Release (4/98): Object Desktop 2.0 for OS/2

Press Release (3/11/98): Stardock releases Entrepreneur 1.1

Press Release (10/16/97): Stardock Signs with Triad Distributors!

Press Release (10/10/97): Stardock Releases Entrepreneur!

Press Release (6/9/97): PlusPak: PMINews now available!

Press Release (6/9/97): Links for OS/2 shipping!

Press Release (4/29/97): Object Desktop Goes Online!

Press Release (2/14/97): PlusPak: Themes for OS/2 available!

Press Release (12/4/96): Trials of Battle available

Press Release (11/18/96): Process Commander Shipping

Press Release (9/16/96): Avarice: The Final Saga available!

Press Release (9/8/96): Object Desktop Professional Generally Available

Press Release (6/29/96): Object Desktop Professional Announced...

Press Release (5/2/96): Object Desktop 1.5 Shipping!

Press Release (3/5/96): Shipyards 2 Released!

Press Release (6/1/95): Stardock's Ambitious Fall OS/2 Campaign!





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