Stardock Releases Popular Political Strategy Game ...

Plymouth, MI. – February 4, 2016 - Take to the campaign trail today with Stardock's The Political Machine 2016. Give speeches, go on talk shows, hire unsavory operatives, and do whatever it takes to win the presidency in this popular political s

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Stardock Releases Beta 1 of its Massive-Scale Real...

Plymouth, MI. – January 28, 2016 - Stardock released the first public beta of Ashes of the Singularity today. From the company that brought players Sins of a Solar Empire, this new real-time strategy game aims to deliver planetary warfare on a scale

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Stardock announces Mercenaries, the first expansio...

Plymouth, MI. – January 27, 2016 - Stardock announced Galactic Civilizations III: Mercenaries today. The first expansion to its popular 4X space strategy game adds a new campaign, Galactic Bazaars, new races, and the ability to recruit elite units w

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Stardock Announces February 4 as the Release Date ...

Plymouth, MI. – January 26, 2016 - Take to the campaign trail on February 4, 2016 and win the hearts and minds of America’s voters to win the presidency in Stardock’s popular political strategy game, The Political Machine 2016. The game

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Soldiers, to Arms! Sorcerer King v1.4 is Available...

Armed and Ready for War: v1.4 makes the "little" guys feel "tall" with cool new abilities and allowing them to equip weapons and armor! a hr

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Blast from the Past: Stardock Brings New Update to...

Stardock is pleased to announce a major update to Galactic Civilizations II (not III, but II).  Version 2.20 is a major overhaul to AI, balance, and general gameplay that was the result of a team-up between the Galactic Civilizations community and th

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