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Work Efficiently and Stay Organized

Keep your desktop and workflows organized with Fences, an application that intelligently groups files, apps, and folders into shaded areas on your desktop for improved productivity. When paired with Groupy, an app that adds tabs to every application including Teams and File Explorer, your desktop has never been more organized.

Fences Groupy


Design and Deploy Standardized Desktops

Take complete control of the Start menu by deploying a standardized Start menu for your entire organization. Reduce training expenses and downtime when moving between versions of Windows as Start11 can make Windows 11 look like Windows 10 or Windows 10 look like Windows 11. And with tools for large deployments, it has never been easier to manage the Start menu.



Multi-Device Environments Simplified

Streamline your complex configuration with Multiplicity, our virtualized KVM that allows you to control multiple PCs with a single keyboard and mouse. Backed with AES 256 encryption, seamlessly move between devices and copy/paste contents between PCs with support for up to 9 connections.



Complex Application Interfaces Made Simple

DirectSkin completely changes the look and feel of an application interface in minutes. Save development time, reduce costs and increase your differentiation in a crowded marketplace with a unique identity.


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