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Skin your Windows® desktop interface with WindowBlinds

WindowBlinds Comparison


Key Features

  • Apply custom skins to your desktop
  • Add backgrounds, textures and colors to skins
  • Choose your own skin fonts
  • Design your own skins with SkinStudio


Style: Ice by Danilo Oliveira
Skin included with WindowBlinds A simple and elegant style enhances any desktop.
Style: The Captain by Danilo Oliveira
Skin included with WindowBlinds Make your desktop look like another operating system.
Style: Eve by Danilo Oliveira
Skin included with WindowBlinds Universal (modern) applications also receive new style options.
Style: VectorCell by Ross Harvey.
Older WindowBlinds can still be used and look good.
Style: 7 Plus by adni18.
Relive the good old days of Windows 7.
Style: Fett by Mike Bryant, Wallpaper: Ashes.
Exciting skins are available at
Many styles included and available for download.
Instant color changes to fit your style.
Adjust transparency and opacity.
Personalize any style by applying textures.
Carefully select, or randomize wallpapers.
Change settings to adjust how styles interact.


Personalize your desktop with downloadable styles.

Customize the look of your desktop today

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System Requirements

  • Windows 10/8/7