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Make it Personal:

  • Choose from several Start menu layouts
  • Position the taskbar at the top or bottom
  • Change Start menu color, transparency, and corners
  • Control Icon grid spacing
  • Adjust taskbar blur, color, and transparency

Make it Productive:

  • Restore Taskbar context menu
  • Add Pages to Start menu layouts
  • Enhanced search capabilities with richer results
  • Integrate Stardock “Fences” into the Start menu
  • Create your own Shortcut links



Replace the Start menu with a classic version. Choose from several styles such as Windows 7, Windows 10, or a modern adaptation of these classic menus that feels fresh and familiar.


Bring back missing features from previous versions of Windows like moving the taskbar to top of your display or the Windows 10-style taskbar context menu.

Unleash a more powerful and integrated search experience that keeps you centered on your content.


Make your Start menu match your personality with robust customization options that allow you to change styles, colors, transparency, shortcut links, rounded or squared corners, and much more.

Take control of the taskbar by adjusting its size, color, blur and more to make it match your personalized Start menu.


Take complete control of your Start button by moving it to the center or the left, move it to the top of the screen, or change how the Start button responds to clicks, keypresses and more.

Change the icon grid styles to find the right configuration for your workflow – keep it compact for minimalism or space it out for easier touch input.


Right click on your taskbar for quick setting changes.
Choose to have your taskbar at the top or bottom.
Use a Windows 10 style menu on Windows 11.
Return to the familiar Windows 7 style Start menu.
Choose from 4 menu styles.
Use a full-screen Start menu in Windows 11.
Bring the Windows 11 Start menu to Windows 10.

Take control of your Start menu today

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System Requirements

  • Windows 10/11