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Keep your apps effortlessly organized

effortlessly organized

Easily group open applications with a universal tab experience for Windows

Add tabs to nearly any application

Groupy makes it simple to organize open windows by adding tabs to the frame of the application.

Automatic Grouping

Keep all the instances of the same application automatically grouped.

Enhance your productivity with unique features

with unique features

Groupy gets you back into the flow faster

Groupings streamline your app experience

With a single click, launch multiple applications from the taskbar.

Colored to Perfection

By adding an accent to your tabs, easily organize your open applications by type, project, or purpose.

Perfectly designed to match the desktop

to match the desktop

Groupy 2 is designed to blend seamlessly with your desktop.

Multiple design options

With several different layouts, Groupy 2 lets you customize the tab experience.

Modernized from the ground up

Groupy 2 supports native Windows 11 features and is optimized to work with Windows 10 too.

How Groupy 2 is Used


Discord, OBS, xSplit, Steam, Epic and many more gaming apps can create a messy desktop but with Groupy, you can keep your apps effortlessly organized into a single window:

  • Organize all of your gaming launchers into a single window.
  • Group your streaming apps by purpose so that it’s easier to engage with your community.
  • Add color to your tabs to make it easier to identify gaming or productivity apps.


Keeping schoolwork organized can be challenging but Groupy can make it easy to organize your open apps by adding color to each tab to sort them by topic.

  • Add an Accent to your open tabs to sort them by topic, subject, or purpose.
  • Automatically group apps by type and keep your research in its own window.
  • Quickly launch a Grouping of school apps directly from the taskbar.


Keeping your open applications organized is where Groupy shines brightest. By adding tabs to the windows of the open applications and Groupings to the taskbar, Groupy 2 will help you stay organized and get your work done faster.

  • Groupings are at the center of Groupy’s productivity heart by making it easy to launch multiple applications at the same time in a predetermined group.
  • Adding an Accent to tabs for organization makes it so that you spend less time aimlessly clicking around trying to find the right open window.
  • Grouping your productivity apps together makes it easier to stay focused on a specific task.

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    Organize multiple applications into grouped tabs on your Windows 10 and 11 desktop!

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    • System Requirements: Windows 10/11

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Bring an organized experience across all of your applications

across all of your applications

Groupy brings a universal tab experience to the desktop

Keep applications organized by type, task, or functionality.

Groupy allows you to add tabs to nearly any windows application.

Automation made easy

Keep all instances of the same application automatically grouped.

Enhance user productivity with unique features

with unique features

Powerful features like Groupings and Accents increase productivity through better organization.

Launch multiple apps with a single click

Groupings are a powerful way to launch multiple apps, grouped together, with a single click.

Accents brings color to your tabs

Adding an Accent to a tab makes it easy to organize your tabs by task, type, or program.

Groupy makes it easy to deploy and manage

to deploy and manage

Groupy is used by corporations around the globe and with our advanced tooling, can easily be deployed at scale.

Advanced deployment options

Groupy is designed to work with popular tools like Manage Engine and can be installed silently too.

Activation and device management made easy

Easily deploy Groupy with single key activation and remote license management.

How Groupy 2 is Used


Keeping your apps organized by support, documentation, and which terminals are wired up to production servers can be a challenge. Groupy makes it easy to keep these apps in their own window so that you don’t accidentally test in production.

  • Add an Accent to the tabs that are related to production workloads for easier identification.
  • Create a Grouping of support tools and reduce the amount of time spent clicking around to find the correct window.
  • Group all of your scripting tools together for a one-stop shop of command line windows.

Project Management

Juggling multiple projects, sprints, and other tasks can be a difficult when you have several apps open for various on-going projects. Groupy makes it easy to keep windows sorted by project, type, or task and you can add an Accent for quick identification.

  • Create groups of app by project to keep your workflow organized.
  • Add Accents to your tabs to for faster visual recognition by type, project, or task.
  • Automate the sorting your applications into specific groups to reduce the amount of time searching for a specific app instance.


Managing patient data is a complex web of compliance but also making sure workflows don’t breakdown can be challenging. Groupy makes it easy to keep patient apps separate from productivity tools.

  • Create a group of apps that access sensitive data to help reduce the likelihood of accidental data exposure.
  • Add an Accent color to tabs that contain sensitive data so that the user knows to protect its contents.
  • Automate the grouping of applications that contain sensitive data to increase awareness of the contents being viewed.


Keeping clients, research, and cases organized is an ongoing challenge in the legal industry. With Groupy, you can easily group apps by client or case or add an Accent to link specific documents, like Word docs to a single client.

  • Easily group your apps by client, due date, or research topic.
  • Change the Accent of a tab for specific clients so that files never end up in the wrong directory.
  • Create a Grouping of apps linked to a specific task or client to jump quickly back into your workflow.

Human Resources

Keeping sensitive information like payroll, social security data, and other content grouped together can help reduce accidental data leakage from your organization.

  • Group payroll data together to prevent it from becoming intertwined with non-sensitive data.
  • Add an Accent to sensitives file to make it easier to see which applications are housing restricted data.
  • Create a Grouping of applications on the taskbar that are specific to personal identifiable information (PII) risks if exposed.