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We Visited the UofM & EMU Student Games Showcase

Earlier this week, some coworkers and I piled into a couple of cars and drove out to Ann Arbor for a showcase of games created by students from the University of Michigan (UM) and Eastern Michigan University (EMU).

Stardock Pi Day 2023!

We love pie here at Stardock. And also - perhaps irrationally so - have a reverence for the number pi, too. We’re well-rounded in our interests!...

Celebrating a Tasty Local Tradition

Just about everyone is familiar with Mardi Gras and the wild celebrations associated with it down in good ol’ New Orleans, but here in Metro Detroit many of us call the holiday by a different name: Pączki Day.

Spacing Out

Space is kind of our “thing” here at Stardock, and as a result I’ve grown rather fond of it myself. My favorite game to explore in is Star Control: Origins - not only because of the quirky and delightful writing, but also because of the thrill of finding rare worlds and encountering new alien races.

Opportunity, Mars, and Offworld Trading Company

Offworld Trading Company has been on my mind in recent weeks as I see reviews of the new documentary, Good Night Oppy. The idea of humans being able to travel to and build a life on Mars isn’t new, and now feels more attainable as technology advances and we learn new things during exploration missio...