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New Year PC Clean-Up using Pages in Fences 4

Traditionally, I have kept most of my interests segmented on my desktop by creating custom fences for each hobby…but, as my hobbies have grown and expanded into other side-gigs, it meant that they were starting to outgrow being within a single fence. That’s where the pages feature comes in!...

Tutorials in Video Games: Love 'em or hate 'em?

When it comes to teaching a person how to play a video game, there have been two extremes over time that have been prevalent in gaming: “too much hand-holding”, and “throw you to the wolves and see how many times you get shredded alive.”...

The Evolution of Video Game Graphics

I have grown up on video games, starting back in the 1980’s with Nintendo’s Super Mario Brothers. At the time, I don’t recall being particularly enamored with the graphics of even the technological marvel that it was for its time period - largely, I suspect, because why would a 5 year old think of t...

Fences 4 is Now Available!

Stardock Releases Fences 4 with Peek, Support for Windows 10 and 11   Get it Now - Stardock released Fences 4, an app that...

Faster File Access with Start11

When building Start11, one of our core principles was that it is not good enough to simply replicate what shipped with Windows 11 but improve upon it.

What ho, a quest? It's a Stardock D&D Night!

I have long known that I work with plenty of people who love games - that's not news to me, and if you've been reading these blogs at all, it isn't to you either! What did surprise me, however, was just how many of my colleagues actually love Dungeons & Dragons and other table-top RPGs.

Stardock's Halloween Spook-tacular!

We absolutely love Halloween here at Stardock! Frankly, there are a whole bunch of us who will jump at any excuse to dress up in a costume and have fun - Halloween just happens to be the time when everyone else is doing it, too. ;)...

Stardock's Cider Mill Trip!

Autumn in Michigan means sweaters, football, and most importantly: cider mills. Check out my recipe for mulled cider at the end of the blog!...

Stardock's Chili Cook-off!

Last week was our annual chili cook-off, and we brought our best offerings to share with our coworkers and appeal to their better judgments. Some people even teamed up and took to google to find the ultimate recipe for the competition! We had a lot of delicious chilis to taste that day.

Top 3 Software I use to keep my PC organized

If you know me, then you know that the idea of me writing about any form of organization is a ploy of comedy in and of itself. Still, as all over the place as I am with just about every aspect of my life, that doesn't stop me from trying to be more organized.

Windows 11 updates: better than Windows 10? It appears so!

Windows 11 launched just a couple of days ago and Microsoft had been telling us quite a lot about their new OS leading up the launch, including providing details on how Windows 11 intends to deliver seamless updates that will be 40% smaller than those of Windows 10.

GalCiv IV Dev Journal #9 - Onboarding

The process of getting a new player into your game and having that been an enjoyable experience can make the difference between success and failure for your game.  If you make a game for a publisher, you can assume there will be a milestone that involves the onboarding.  Let’s take a look at how Gal...