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(Galactic) Civilization Highlight: Meet the Yor Singularity!

The Yor have many advantages as a synthetic species; for starters, they don’t require food like their organic rivals. They also don’t reproduce, no - new Yor are manufactured rather than birthed. Their populations can grow virtually unfettered by the constraints of other lifeforms.

(Galactic) Civilizations Highlight: Meet the Xeloxi!

Perhaps one of the most difficult civilizations to play, The Xeloxi are all about crime - and I mean this literally. They find other civilizations’ systems of laws to be quaint and misguided, as well as incredibly boring.

(Galactic) Civilization Highlight: Meet the Arcean Republic!

A proud and long-lived people, the Arceans are one of the oldest races in the galaxy. They are the reason the Terrans gained access to Hyperdrive technology and started an arms war in the first place. In a roundabout way, it could be argued that the Arceans were responsible for their own salvation w...

(Galactic) Civilization Highlight: Meet the Festron Hunt

Beware, for in the depths of space - perhaps even as close as your own backyard - lurks a terror known as the Festron Hunt. While other species search for idyllic worlds to cultivate and grow and thrive, the Festron prefer worlds that are already occupied with a plethora of potential hosts for their...