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"Fences adds a new "Peek" feature, but its greatest talent is simply organizing your desktop icons."

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"The biggest new feature in Fences is called Peek, and it's actually incredibly useful."

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"I really like is that you can roll up the mini-windows, effectively giving you quick access to your icons while keeping your desktop tidy."

Keep your desktop effortlessly organized.

effortlessly organized.

Organize your PC by intelligently placing your desktop content into shaded areas called fences.

Customized to your workflow

Automatically have files sorted into fences on your desktop with our extensive automation rules or manually add your own files and folders.

Personalized to your preferences

Easily change the size, colors, transparency, sorting, and more.

Enhance your productivity with unique features.

with unique features.

Powerful features like Peek and folder portals will enhance your productivity.

Folder portals are essential

Folder Portals allow you to mirror any folder to your desktop for quick access to your most important content.

Your content is a Peek away

Instantly access your files, folders, and applications with Peek by pressing Winkey + Space to bring your fences on top of all your windows.

Create a workspace with no distractions.

with no distractions.

Advanced Fences functionality makes it easy to quickly clean up your desktop.


Desktop icons fade into the background but remain easily accessible to create a distraction-free desktop.

Desktop Quick-hide

Double-click any blank space on your desktop and your icons will fade away.

How Fences 5 is Used


Steam, Epic, and more — every major publisher has its own platform and with some games even having multiple icons, your desktop can become a cluttered mess of gaming content. With Fences you can:

  • Organize all of your games into a single fence for quick access.
  • Keep all your game launchers in one location or roll-up the fence to keep them out of sight until needed.
  • Put all of your engagement apps into a single fence and when using Peek, easily access crucial apps while streaming.


Keeping your schoolwork organized can be a challenge but Fences makes the process easy. And with customization controls built into Fences, you can make it effortless to separate your content by topic.

  • Sort all of your schoolwork by class or topic so that you never misplace a document again.
  • Add a splash of color to a fence to make it easier to organize fences by topic.
  • Use quick-hide to create a distraction free desktop while working on a project.


Keeping your desktop organized is at the heart of Fences. With the powerful built-in automation tools, you can create rules that will automatically organize your desktop by file type, name, time, and the target location.

  • Create a fence that automatically puts all screenshots into a single folder on your desktop.
  • Categorize icons into separate fences based on usage, such as research, assignments, or invoices.
  • Use a folder portal with your favorite cloud storage service to create a fence that syncs content across all of your desktops.


Fences not only makes it easy to keep your desktop organized but it can also improve the accessibility of Windows. By using folder portals, you can bring content buried in File Explorer neatly to the desktop.

  • Create a Folder portal to bring the downloads folder directly to the desktop.
  • Change the size of icons and how they are displayed in a folder portal for easier viewing.
  • Use colored fences for easier organization and navigation of content on the desktop.

    1 Year Subscription

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    Automatically organize your desktop shortcuts and icons with Fences!

    • Always up to date with the latest version of Fences
    • System Requirements: Windows 10/11
    • Languages: English, Dutch, French, German, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese


    1 Year Subscription

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    Automatically organize your desktop shortcuts and icons with Fences! Ideal for users who have more than one PC and want to run Fences concurrently across all of their Windows machines.

    • Always up to date with the latest version of Fences
    • Support for 5 simultaneous activations
    • Single Key activation for ease of installation
    • Manage devices with your Stardock account
    • Languages: English, Dutch, French, German, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese
    • System Requirements: Windows 10/11


    1 Year Subscription

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    Object Desktop is a powerful suite of desktop enhancements that transforms your Windows experience. It's like getting the next version of Windows today.

    Ideal for users who want access to our best software, with multiple activations, all for one low price.

    • Up to 5 active installs
    • Manage devices with your Stardock account
    • Early access to new software
    • Early access to updates
    • Support for ARM devices
    • 1 year of support
    • Designed for Windows 10 and Windows 11
    • More than a dozen apps included
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Create an organized experience across all of your desktops.

across all of your desktops.

Fences organizes apps, files, and icons on the desktop into shaded areas called fences.

Keep your desktops organized and your users productive

Fences makes it easy to keep desktops organized by project, file type, sprint, and more.

Desktop automation simple

With a powerful set of rule-based automation, setup scripting once and let Fences automatically organize content.

Enhance user productivity with unique features.

with unique features.

Powerful features like Peek and folder portals turn a static desktop into a dynamic environment.

Remotely update desktop content

Folder portals allow users to bring any folder, including cloud and network content, to the desktop.

Content is only a Peek Away

Instantly access files, folders, and applications with Peek by pressing Winkey + Space to bring fences on top of open windows.

Fences makes it easy to deploy and manage.

to deploy and manage.

Fences is used by thousands of corporations every day and our advanced tooling makes it easy to deploy.

Advanced deployment options

Designed for enterprise-scale deployment with advanced tooling to deploy configurations from network drives, content-locking, and more.

Activation and device management made easy

Easily deploying Fences with single key activation is supported, and remotely activated or deactivated on installation.

How Fences 5 is Used


Keeping user desktops organized can be a challenge but making sure they have quick access to critical documentation can be even harder. With Fences, you can dynamically update content on a desktop with folder portals and a shared drive.

  • Easily make handbooks and policies available on every desktop with Fences by using a folder portal and shared network folder.
  • Use automated clean up scripting to clear a desktop on a shared device with Fences built-in scripting functionality.
  • Deployment tools make it easy to bring Fences to all of your modern Windows devices.

Project Management

Juggling multiple projects, sprints, and other tasks can be a big challenge for staying organized. While task-tracking tools help, keeping your files organized is essential and can significantly improve your productivity.

  • Easily create a fence on your desktop to sort project specific files into a single location.
  • Add color to your fences to help differentiate each fence by the project that it is associated with.
  • Automate the sorting of your files into specific project fences with naming rules that streamline your workflow.


Working with patient files is a complex web of compliance but also making sure workflows don’t breakdown can be challenging. Fences makes it easy to access files and keeps them sorted into the correct storage pathways by using folder portals.

  • Organize files on the desktop using colored fences to make it easy to find and share forms like policies, waivers, brochures, and other documentation.
  • Create sorting rules to make sure that any file type does not accidentally get stored on the desktop with Fences built-in automation.
  • Easily keep applications organized and standardized across all of your Windows endpoints.


The complex world of the legal industry can mean that you likely have hundreds of documents for any single case and when you pile on multiple clients at the same time, keeping everything organized is a serious challenge.

  • Easily organize your files by client, due date, or research topic.
  • Change the color of a fence for specific clients so that files never end up in the wrong directory.
  • Use folder portals to easily share documents on the desktop across your network when paired with a cloud drive.

Human Resources

Keeping your employees informed of everything happening at the company and always having access to the latest version of the handbook can be a challenge. But what if you could place important documents on every employee's desktop and update it anytime you want?

  • With folder portals, you can place documents on any desktop at any time and update them dynamically.
  • Keep all your monthly tasks organized with color coded fences without cluttering up your desktop.
  • Automatically sort files into fences based on type or name to make sure you never misplace a document.


Making your devices more accessible is a win for everyone and Fences has unique capabilities that can allow your users to easily interact with a Windows-based desktop environment.

  • Folder portals bring content nested deep inside of File Explorer to the desktop making it faster and easier to access.
  • Make the icons larger inside of folder portals for easier viewing on the desktop.
  • Change the colors of each fence for easier viewing or lock their location so that they never move.