Siege of Centauri
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Siege of Centauri is a massive scale tower defense game that places you in command of the defense forces for humanity’s first interstellar colony. You’ll deploy towers to halt the enemy advance, but there are dozens of enemy types and you’ll need to choose your defensive arsenal carefully. Some towers like the Arc Projector decimate light swarms of enemies, while the Minos Cannon, with its long reload, has the firepower to destroy heavy targets.

  Massive Scale

Unlike other tower defense games with only a handful of enemy attackers, Siege of Centauri has you facing off against an onslaught of thousands of enemies. Our next generation game engine allows for an unprecedented scale of carnage and destruction. Our maps are huge, the towers are powerful, and the enemy hordes are endless.

  Tower Variety

Siege of Centauri has a huge variety of towers that fill unique roles and have unique characteristics. Some towers may fit into your play style more than others, but each will prove useful on the battlefield in the right conditions and against the right threats. Some towers have specific tactical uses, such as the Corrosion Mortar that weakens enemies over time before they hit your main defensive line. Other towers deal no damage, but provide invaluable utility.

  Enemy Variety

We have tons of enemy types in the game, which vary wildly from swarm frigates to heavy bombers and regenerating dreadnoughts. Some enemies have shields, which are best countered with shield-disabling towers like the Ion or Pulse cannons. Some enemies have special abilities, like the Falling Star, which detonates when destroyed and disables all nearby towers for a short duration. Plan your defenses accordingly.

  Orbital Abilities

To aid in your defense, use orbital abilities. Deploy mobile forces to combat the enemy, Overcharge towers for extra firepower, or use Orbital Strike to destroy large swarms. But, beware: orbital abilities all cost energy, which is slowly acquired over time. Use lots of cheap orbital abilities to gradually assist your defense, or save up the energy for more deadly abilities when they’re needed.

  Strategy & Economy

On top of the tactical challenges of utilizing the right towers in the best positions to counter enemy types, there’s a strategy element to Siege of Centauri. Call down Scavenger Modules to scrap Metal from destroyed enemies, upgrade the Metal Refineries on the map to increase Metal income, and upgrade Fission Reactors to increase Energy income. These resource buildings are crucial and will need to be defended in order to secure their income. Although, you may wish to neglect them to focus your defenses in a massive killzone.

  Customization & Progression

As you progress through the campaign, you’ll receive upgrade points to customize your towers and unlock deadly new capabilities. Tower upgrades can be removed and placed on other towers for each mission, which is a crucial part of the game’s strategy since the composition of enemy waves and the map layouts vary. You also have a limited number of slots for equipping towers for each mission. The strategy that worked in one mission may not carry over to the next, so you’ll need to think on your feet.

  Endless Mode

On top of the numerous story-driven campaign missions, you can take on limitless hordes of enemies to see how long you can survive. In Endless Mode, you’ll need to hold out as long as you can against increasingly difficult waves of attackers. Players survival times are tracked and scored against others on the leaderboards.

  Replay Value

Siege of Centauri has nine difficulty options for a massive but gradual scaling to the challenge. As you increase the difficulty, the score you earn will also increase, so repeat playthroughs are encouraged. It’s a fun way to maximize score, which is tracked on the leaderboards. Score can also be accrued through bonus objectives, rushing waves, game time, defending outposts, and having unspent metal.


Create, share, and download custom missions made by the community using the workshop. There, you’ll find map making tools and an extensive modder’s guide. If you’re looking for some new challenges, download some missions created by others and see how you fare against their creations. Don’t forget to share your own, too!