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Star Control: Origins Prelude 3 of 13 - Creating interactive stories

Monday, July 16, 2018

The Star Control universe is rich with interesting characters and species.  From the cowardly Spathi to the horrifying Kohr-Ah, players will be frequently caught off guard by the juxtaposition of so many different experiences. In Star Control: Origins, the ever-so-needy Tywom are introduced.  They will be your best friends whether you like it or not. Stardock is best known for its strategy games.  Well, technically, we're best known for our software and technology, but we've... [read more]

Star Control: Origins - Freedom to Fail

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Star Control: Origins lets you do a lot of dumb things. Starting off in command of humanity's latest and greatest spaceship, your orders are to travel to Neptune's moon of Triton. On the way there, you're free to fly into the sun and melt your entire crew or explore the planet Venus and watch your planetary lander immediately get obliterated. This game doesn't hold your hand in the way most RPGs do, where you're forced sit through a tedious tutorial and it takes a long time to encounter a pos... [read more]

Star Control: Origins Prelude 2 of 13 - So Many Planets

Friday, July 6, 2018

Greetings! Space is big. We know that.  But how interesting is it? That remains to be seen. Let's take a look at the orbital bodies in our own solar system. Orbital Body Image Comment Mercury  Basically a hot rock. Venus  A poisonous, toxic hell. Mars  A really cold desert. Jupiter  Big ball of gas. Saturn  Another big ball of gas with cool rings. Uranus  Ice gas ball. Neptune ... [read more]

  • Gather Unique AlliesInteract with aliens, both the malicious and the absurd.
  • Explore the Vast UniverseTraverse a living universe where you control your own story.
  • Adventure to New WorldsNavigate through thousands of planets with deep, rich histories.
  • Create your Dream StarshipDesign your own ships or download them from Steam for Fleet Battles.
  • Discover Unknown SecretsTravel across exotic and amazing worlds for relics, artifacts, & treasures.
  • Contribute to the Dev ProcessInteract directly with the development team and be part of something amazing!


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