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Windows Central  -  4.5/5

“Well worth the wait. Star Control: Origins offers a vast amount of hours of entertainment.”

GamingTrend  -  9.5/10

“The perfect balance of serious and silly while making an engaging universe that’s fun to explore.”

Gamewatcher  -  9/10

“I had more fun with Star Control: Origins than I’ve had fun with any other game in recent memory.”

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Star Control Today

Star Control: Origins Prelude 13 of 13: The Modding of Star Control

Monday, September 24, 2018

Greetings!  This is it! The very last of this Prelude series.  I hope you've enjoyed them. So now let's talk about modding. To understand modding in Star Control: Origins, you need to understand how the game is structured. Everything that matters is in the \Assets directory.Meanwhile on your machine, in your documents folder you have:Each universe is equivalent to the Assets folder. If I want to create a whole new universe, then my changes would go into the universe f... [read more]

crash on load game

Monday, September 24, 2018

During the assault on Earth by an alien armada, the game crashed to the bluescreen, (never happened to this machine before) with a critical_structure_corruption error. After i rebooted, attempted to load game and it crashes to the desktop. I even deleted the last few saves but it always has the same result. 44 hours of playtime... Found a solution: disable steamcloud saving for this game; go to my documents/star control saves and delete autosaves and last save. [read more]

Star Control: WEEK TWO news!

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Greetings! Wow! What a fantastic week! Like many of you, we weren't sure what the reception would be. How many people are into space adventure/RPG games? I've even seen debates on what exactly is an RPG? Here's what we have planned for this week: Translation (Перевод) Russia is the #2 market for this game. With German a close #3. The translations came in a lot hotter than we expected due to the star and planet names. We are hoping very much to have a package from Moscow waiting in... [read more]

  • Explore Thousands of New WorldsDon't run out of fuel on your way there, or else...
  • Meet Strange New AliensTry not to make them so angry they want to help blow us up.
  • Secure Earth's FutureSome aliens want to destroy humanity. We'd like you to stop that.
  • Pilot Earth's Most Powerful StarshipOh, and please upgrade it. The aliens keep laughing at us.
  • Complete Your MissionYour orders are to not die. Anything else you do is up to you.
  • Create Ships, Worlds, And MoreYou can have the world - lots of them, in fact - at your fingertips.


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