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NEW May 2018 Preview Trailer for Star Control: Origins is here!

Friday, May 18, 2018

Want to see what's going on with development for Star Control: Origins? Look no further - check out this preview video! We may have primitive space ships, zero understanding of hyperspace, and only know half the digits of pi, but we're ready to fight to protect the Earth!Our friends the Tywom give us a look at some of the other alien species out in the universe! New Fleet Battles footage, glimpses of hyperspace travel, and planetary exploration highlight the video and will give you a b... [read more]

Star Control: Screenshot Friday 2018.5.11

Friday, May 11, 2018

Star Control: Origins continues to head towards its September 2018 release date! Here's the week in screenshots! The galaxy is a busy place We will be keeping these journals spoiler free.  With that in mind, the year is 2088.  Earth exists in a part of the galaxy called Orion's Spur ("The Spur").  It has recently become a much busier part of the galaxy and you will be uncovering why that is. Star Control is a single player RPG where you command a single ship but the ga... [read more]

Fleet Battles Beta 2 is here - let’s get ready to rumble!

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Attention, pilots - to your stations! Fleet Battles just received a massive update and we can't wait to see you online to try it out. We've added some new alien ships, a few devastating new weapons, and customization options for your matches. Buckle up - it’s time to fly! For full details on the updates, view the changelog at the bottom of the post![ Download this for your desktop wallpaper ] TOP CHANGES IN BETA 2New Ships Greegrox Swarm  They might look squishy, b... [read more]

  • Gather Unique AlliesInteract with aliens, both the malicious and the absurd.
  • Explore the Vast UniverseTraverse a living universe where you control your own story.
  • Adventure to New WorldsNavigate through thousands of planets with deep, rich histories.
  • Create your Dream StarshipDesign your own ships or download them from Steam for Fleet Battles.
  • Discover Unknown SecretsTravel across exotic and amazing worlds for relics, artifacts, & treasures.
  • Contribute to the Dev ProcessInteract directly with the development team and be part of something amazing!


  • May 2018 Preview
  • Fleet Battles Beta Trailer