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Stardock Management

  1. Brad Wardell

    Brad Wardell


    Brad Wardell is a veteran game designer and developer with over 25 years of experience. As the founder of Stardock, he built his company from a one-man endeavor to a global software developer and publisher. While at Stardock he has designed the games Galactic Civilizations and The Political Machine, software including Start8, Object Desktop, ModernMix, and Impulse, plus countless other products, Wardell has an in-depth knowledge in how to build successful products from start to finish. He has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, Nightly Business Report, CNN, MSNBC, Time and US News for his entrepreneur and technical expertise. Check out Brad's website at

  2. Chris Kowal

    Chris Kowal

    VP, Corporate and Business Development

    Chris is a strategy and business development senior executive with responsibility for development of a strategic partner ecosystem that maximizes the global market appeal and profit potential of products and services. With a 25-year demonstrated history and a focus on innovation and efficiency leveraging technology, his broad experience and operational leadership spans strategic planning, go-to-market execution and growth acceleration across multiple industry verticals.

  3. Kevin Unangst

    Kevin Unangst

    VP, Marketing

    Kevin comes to Stardock with an already robust career in the gaming industry. A long-time Microsoft veteran, Kevin helped to lead Microsoft's product marketing and partnership efforts for Windows (including Windows 95, Windows XP, and Windows 10) as well as Xbox 360 and Microsoft's games portfolio - from Halo 4 to Kinect. Most recently, before joining the Stardock team, he led the product marketing and partner marketing for gaming on Windows 10, including DirectX 12. His goal is to build partnerships and create product awareness that will help transform Stardock into an industry leader, made possible through their technological vision.

  4. Derek Paxton

    Derek Paxton

    General Manager, Stardock Entertainment

    Derek Paxton oversees all the daily operations of Stardock Entertainment and is the lead designer of Fallen Enchantress, as well as the creator and designer of the Fall From Heaven series of games. Prior to joining Stardock, he was an external consultant for Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword and contributed to several of Firaxis' games, including Civilization V.

  5. Angela Marshall

    Angela Marshall

    General Manager, Stardock Software

    A 20+ year veteran of Stardock, Angela Marshall helped manage its growth from a small, five person company to where it is today. She is responsible for Stardock's software operations, which includes products such as: Object Desktop, Start10, Fences, Groupy, and DeskScapes.

  6. Brian Clair

    Brian Clair

    Director of Publishing

    A 19-year veteran of the video game industry, Brian spent the first part of his career as the publisher for Adrenaline Vault and was a co-founder of He moved to the development side of the industry when he joined Stardock in 2005 and enjoys being able to contribute to so many different projects. He’s worked with Ironclad Games, Gas Powered Games, Take 2 Interactive, Jack of All Games, Synnex and many other studios, both as a producer and as Director of Publishing.

  7. Matthew Lucas

    Matthew Lucas

    Director of IT

    With 16 years of experience in the IT industry, Matthew has been with Stardock for over a decade. He has helped develop and launch numerous projects like Impulse, Stardock's own ecommerce store, and the multiplayer infrastructure supporting all of Stardock's games.

  8. Patrick Shaw

    Patrick Shaw

    Director of Production

    Over the last 20 years, Patrick has successfully launched dozens of game products serving both in design and product manager roles. His broad experience includes work on games for entertainment, as well as more serious games and simulations, including Star Wars and The Sims. Currently, Patrick is currently the senior producer on Galactic Civilizations, Ashes of the Singularity, and Star Control.

  9. Amy Springart

    Amy Springart

    Operations Manager

    Amy joined the Stardock team with extensive human resource management experience in diverse corporate settings and industries including manufacturing, healthcare and education services. Her passion for aligning talent and business objectives positions her well as an employee champion and organizational change agent for Stardock. She currently leads operations, which includes HR, Finance, Administrative Services and Legal. Her company-wide focus is on increasing productivity and fostering workplace engagement.

  10. Nathan Hanish

    Nathan Hanish

    Lead Developer

    A 20-year industry veteran in video games for entertainment and DoD training, Nathan has acted as engineer, architect, and technical lead across many platforms and genres. This includes isometric CRPG, MMO, FPS, third person action, open world, Co-op Action RPG, Turn Based Strategy, Real Time Strategy, robotics simulation, action adventure and game-based training. He holds masters degrees in Computer Engineering and Business Administration from UAHuntsville.