Star Control

The Star Control: Origins adventure begins today!

Published on Thursday, September 20, 2018 By Island Dog In Star Control News

Explore exotic new worlds, meet unique alien civilizations, and battle hostile fleets in Star Control: Origins!

(and try not to get eaten)

Take command of Earth's first and only interstellar starship in this exciting open universe space-adventure RPG!
Your mission? To save Earth... at all costs and by any means necessary. 

The villainous Scryve have discovered humanity's existence and they're not too happy about it.
They want to revoke our permission to exist, and we'd like to live. As a Captain of Star Control,
your job is to make sure that doesn't happen.

Star Control: Origins - $29.99
(Includes a Star Control: Origins Steam key)

During your adventure, you'll:

Explore thousands of new worlds
Don't run out of fuel on your way there, bad things may happen if you do...

Journey through a massive universe of thousands of planets across hundreds of solar systems! Travel to different worlds to complete quests, collect resources, and encounter unusual creatures.

Some worlds you find may have active volcanoes, or be shrouded in toxic gas. Others might have dangerous sentry robots guarding hidden bases, or terrifying whirlwinds. Equip your lander with upgrades in order to survive the varied planets you’ll encounter to complete your mission.

  Explore exotic new worlds


Strange Aliens   Meet strange new aliens - and fight terrible enemies
Try not to make them all so angry that they want to help blow us all up, ok?

Travel to distant stars and make friends (or foes, we're not terribly picky) with the aliens living there through unique dialogue choices and quests. There are thousands of planets just in the Scryve sector of space. Find out where potential friends and enemies are living and deal with them as you see fit.

Engage in exciting ship-on-ship combat as you take down dangerous aliens to complete your mission. Or, you can try and run away, but that's not nearly as much fun, and aliens will definitely laugh at you.

Take your battles beyond the adventure mode into multiplayer! Fleet Battles lets you face off against other players online or locally. Assemble your fleet from an assortment of provided ships (or customize your own) and get ready to rumble! Ranked play could earn you a spot on the worldwide leader boards and some bragging rights.


Secure Earth's future
Some aliens want to destroy humanity. We'd like you to prevent that.

Your first mission for Star Control is to save the world from the malevolent Scryve who, for some reason, have interpreted our radio broadcasts to indicate that we are a very dangerous species that must not be allowed to fully realize its potential. There are dozens of known species in this part of the galaxy, not all of whom are the Scryve’s thralls - maybe some of them can help us...

Face down the ominous threat of the Scryve Empire and stop them from wiping Earth off the galactic map. How you accomplish your mission is entirely up to you - be a hero, or be a villain. Every decision you make may have far-reaching ramifications. The Scryve already have several ward species who may or may not help you fight back. It will be up to you to convince them to way or another.


  Save earth


Upgrade your ship   Pilot Earth's most powerful (and only) starship
Please upgrade it. The aliens are unimpressed.

Star Control has spared no expense in constructing the most advanced space vessel in history. Its modular design means you can update the technology on it with modules you find, borrow or steal from others.

From shiny new hyperdrives, to a higher cargo or fuel capacity, you will be able to customize your ship to fit the way you play. Lander upgrades are also important so you can survive missions onto dangerous worlds.


Complete your matter the cost
Your orders are to not die. If they fire lasers, fire nukes back!

Earth is hopelessly outmatched by alien forces that are seeking to destroy us, and you are the only chance we’ve got. You can go wherever you want, but you have a mission to accomplish - by any means necessary. Help or harm - you decide.

  Fleet battles


Ship designer

Build Planet

  Create custom ships, worlds, and adventures
You can have the world - lots of them, in fact - at your fingertips!

The game never ends with infinite customization options. Make your own ships to use in Fleet Battles or in entirely new quests that you create. Outfit your vessels with weapons, defenses, and engines, then share them online using the Steam Workshop!

Create completely new worlds, aliens, and even dialogue in the Adventure Studio. Make, share or just play new quests, stories, and adventures.


Star Control: Origins - $29.99
(Includes a Star Control: Origins Steam key)