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Explore the galaxy, investigate new worlds, contact new civilizations, and battle hostile aliens in Star Control: Origins. You are the captain of Earth's brand new, state-of-the-art ship, The Vindicator. Your mission is to gather together allies to fight an ancient alien menace that threatens to annihilate the human race. You can pre-order at a discounted price and gain access to the Fleet Battles beta.

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Game Features

Star Control: Origins logo and concept art

Join the Process

Interact directly with the development team, post your ideas, and be part of something amazing!

Planet landing sequence

Discover Amazing Secrets

Travel across exotic and amazing worlds searching for relics, Precursor artifacts, and treasures.

Custom ship building

Create Unique Starships

Design your own ships or download them from Steam to build fleets and take them into combat in Fleet Battles!

Adventure to new worlds

Adventure to New Worlds

Navigate through thousands of planets in a universe that has a deep history spanning back hundreds of thousands of years.

Universe exploration

Explore the Universe

Traverse a living universe that frankly can't believe you're flying around in that...thing.


Gather Allies

Interact with aliens, both malicious and absurd. Do you trust them, Captain?

Star Control: Classic Series

Star Control 1 & 2 box art

Star Control

Mankind is about to be wiped off the face of the galactic map. A savage clutch of alien races called the Ur-Quan Hierarchy has become the "evil empire" of the 27th century- ruthlessly invading interstellar neighbors. Humanity is next on their list. Your job is to make sure that they don’t succeed. The entire Alliance of Free Stars battlefleet awaits your orders.

Star Control II

Arguably the greatest space adventure ever made for PC, this game is rich with humor and memorable characters. You start in a nearly empty space-ship, but as the game progresses, you can upgrade it with many modules that affect the vessel's attributes. You can discover new stars, meet new alien races, wage wars, and boldly go where no man has gone before you. A truly exceptional exploration

Star Control 3 box art

Star Control 3

Deep in space, somewhere in the Kessari Quadrant, you stumble across a catastrophic realization - the universe is on the brink of destruction. Now you must race to save thousands of worlds and billions of lives from total annihilation. An epic adventure of intergalactic strategy and diplomacy begins.

Star Control 3 is the last installment of the series. Taking a slightly different track that diverged from the Star Control 2 formula, it got excellent reviews though some of the hardcore Star Control fans weren't entirely thrilled by the innovations. Journalists, new fans of the series, and hardcore fans alike all agreed on one thing, though: this game's story is great.

So whether you're an old fan of the series, someone who was put off by a friend's dislike of the game, or someone who's never played the Star Control games at all, here's your chance: pick up the excellent final game in the Star Control series and make up your mind for yourself!

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