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  • Turn system commands into hot keys
  • Turn your clipboard into a permanent hot key
  • Store passwords and frequent responses


Do you wish there was an easier way to perform those tasks you repeat over and over? Keyboard Launchpad™ allows you to create keyboard short-cuts for your programs, saved clipboards, URLs, system commands, and more.

Configure Keyboard Launchpad

Global Hotkeys

Works system-wide

No matter what program you're in, or what you're doing, you can always access the hotkeys of Keyboard Launchpad.


Bring up a hidden admin program for use in kiosks and corporate desktops.


Copy images or text into a clipboard snippet and assign it to a hotkey. From then on, that saved clipboard will be pasted when the hotkey is used.

Chain events

Make multi-tasking easy by chaining multiple events to a single hotkey.

Specific Hotkeys

Specialized programs

Whether you need to send "canned" technical support responses or add hot key support for specialized programs, our open plug-in format lets you create it.


Quickly navigate through admin pages and other commonly visited websites, since specific URLs can be assigned to a hotkey. Store passwords, frequent responses and more.

Configure Link Action

Download to quickly and easily assign hotkeys

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System Requirements

  • Windows® 10/8/7/Vista
  • 10MB free drive space
  • 256MB RAM
  • Minimum screen resolution:
    1024 width and 768 height