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PostRead Locked Deleted Hidden Pinned/Sticky PostNew PostNewReply PostHot PostHotRead PostHotNew Stardock Employee Moderator Poster Admin Poster Cart Abandonment Data: * DISCLAIMER: There appears to a bug that if someone adds an item to their cart that already exists, that multiple entries get added to the cart history table. So actual numbers are skewed and probably much less. Example, I see many customers who multiple items of the same item in their cart. And I believe I am seeing quite a few cart left overs that may be from Bots and/or Frauders, hard to tell exactly. Stats for Nov 12 through Nov 18 Total Items left in Cart: 32,905 Total Distinct Cart Sessions: 28.629 Top Items left in Cart: Total StoreProductID ProductName ------ -------------- ------------- 18658 ESD-SDS-W011 Object Desktop 2113 ESD-SDS-W1240 FencesĀ® 3 2033 ESD-SDS-W1217 DeskScapes 8 1972 ESD-ASH-W002 WinOptimizer 15 1335 ESD-SDS-W1235 Start10 1313 ESD-SDS-W1211 Start8 802 ESD-SDS-W461 ObjectDock 770 ESD-SDS-W021 Object Desktop Renewal (1 year) 439 ESD-SDS-W1241 WindowBlinds 10 380 ESD-SDE-W161 Star Control: Origins (Pre-Order) 242 ESD-SDS-W410 CursorFX Plus 174 ESD-SDS-W1245 IconPackager 10 169 ESD-SDS-W1207 WindowFX 6 152 ESD-SDS-W052 WinCustomize Subscription 147 ESD-SDS-W1224 ModernMix