KeepSafe is the intermediate step needed to secure data between backups. It saves your important files in real-time as you work on them.

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See how KeepSafe can easily backup your system files.

More Information
Control which files you want protected without wasting disk space and performance.
Improved User Interface
Secondary backup location can be an external hard drive or USB drive.
Configurable to save to local storage temporarily and copy to secondary drive when connected.
KeepSafe in Action
Easy to use, easy to configure, and easy (and safe) to forget about until you need it.
Have you ever had a document become corrupted just when you were saving it? Have you ever overwritten an important file, wished you could go back to an earlier version, or had your hard drive crash and your most recent backup was a month old? You NEED KeepSafe!

KeepSafe offers a seamless way to protect all of your most important files as you work on them. It does not replace a full system backup, but rather provides protection during those times between backups and only works on files you actually change – saving disc space. An easy set-up wizard walks you through the steps in minutes so even novice computer users can begin using KeepSafe immediately.
System Requirements
For use with Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7, Vista, and Windows XP (Protects 32-bit apps only)
Internet Access for Activation
In-depth information about KeepSafe

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