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(Galactic) Civilization Highlight: Meet the Mimot Brotherhood!

Article posted on 2/10/2022

The Galactic Civilizations series has existed since the OS/2 days and has a long and storied history spanning the last 25+ years. Galactic Civilizations IV is on the horizon and it contains many beloved and established civilizations from previous versions of the game. GalCiv IV also happens to include several brand-new civilizations, perhaps the cutest of which - at least, in my opinion - are the Mimot Brotherhood.

The Mimots evolved on a planet with five other species, but are now the only sentient beings remaining on their world. With an extremely high production rate, the Mimots have absolutely no issues replenishing their numbers - their real problem lies in sustaining them with enough resources to go around!

Their expansion out into the universe is, compared to other civilizations, quite recent, but that hasn’t stopped them from making names for themselves as servants, cooks, and - when the larder was low - sometimes even the meal itself. They are most known for their diligent work ethic and delightfully nutty flavor.

These adorable little critters start with 2 additional workers and have a +25% growth rate to their population. Because of their fertile nature, the Mimot have also learned to build ships at double the rate, though the ships’ hit points are all reduced by 25%. Like many other civilizations, they start the game with one colony ship and a survey ship in order to survey the galaxy and its anomalies. 

Their civilization has certainly stood up to subjugation in the past, so the Mimots support the ideology of liberty. They advocate for freedom - not just for their people, but for all people. 

As carbon-based lifeforms, the Mimots do require food and water to live, which can be a difficult prospect given just how many of them there are. They have a +1 to their productivity, which modifies how quickly they’re able to expand their borders, although their defense against land invasions is a bit lacking.

Likability is one of the major things that the Mimot Brotherhood has going for it. The bonuses they receive in diplomatic relations with other civilizations are nothing to be dismissed - it could mean the difference between a good trade deal and a great trade deal, or even the difference between going to war with each other rather than against each other.

The Mimot Brotherhood is currently available to play in the Beta for Galactic Civilizations IV. If you haven’t joined the beta yet, you can get more information on that here. If you’re already playing the beta, please tell me: have you tried playing as the Mimots yet, and what do you think?

Happy conquering!