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Playing Through "Starflight" / How would you combine SF with a Star Control adventure game?

Published on Tuesday, September 10, 2013 By Rapajez In Star Control

(Started this topic in the UQM forums, but I figured it would make sense to post here as well.)

Well, after hearing a ton of references to "Starflight", and how it was a "spiritual successor" to SCII, I finally decided to give it a try. I decided on the Sega Genesis port, since that had the most "updated" graphics and controls, and there's plenty of emulators available for PC and Android.

You definitely can see the similarities, the first time you leave your home system, you are greeted with a star map containing hundreds of stars. You get that, sandbox, explore around and meet weird aliens feel. Having different crew members filling in dedicated roles, with different statistics was a cool idea; although, it becomes pointless early-on, when you can max out their training without much effort. The planetary exploration is definitely a lot more fleshed out, with the landscapes being much larger, and mining consists of using a scanner and digging, as well as pickup up bits on the surface.

I don't think they did as good a job with the story progression as SCII. A lot of times, I've been aimlessly wondering space, until I stumble upon some breadcrumbs toward a new artifact or race. The dialogue trees are also a lot less exciting. You can only ask the same 5 questions to each race, or answer questions they ask you. The combat is relatively boring, compared to the unique ships and counters in SC.

All and all, it's definitely worth checking out if your a UQM/SCII fan. If nothing else, to see what inspired them. Also, Stardock has mentioned in a few posts, that they want to look at Starflight as a model for their SC reboot.

Anyway, I was wondering what a perfect modern hybrid of the 2 games would be like. It would be cool to flesh out the crew roles and statistics in your primary ship, or even in the captains of your escorts. Also would be neat to expand on the planetary exploration, e.g., not just picking up dots. It was also cool that the dialogues could include the races asking YOU questions, instead of you doing all the questioning. I'd keep everything else about SC the same though. Smiley

Anyone else played SF recently? What would you like to see from SF in the SC reboot?