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My Star Control Music Tribute Page

Published on Monday, January 5, 2015 By Awkbird In Star Control

Wow, quiet in here lately.

Figured I would share a side project I've been working on in honor of the revitalization of the Star Control franchise. 

I've worked on my own music inspired by the series over the years and have recently assembled a compilation on my own site. I tried (failed?) to keep the nerd screed to a minimum but I wanted to give some personal exposition on my various inspirations, so it is a bit wordy.

I am actually the author of the Hyperspace 2014 Update video on Youtube (it's the only piece I have on there) but I have also done an orchestral version of the Quasispace theme and several original compositions including a melee medley, an introductory cinematic sequence, and new theme ideas for a few of the classic races.

I know the old races won't be featured going forward, but they're all I have to go on and I have a glimmer of hope that perhaps these might be good enough to impress Brad to hire me and contribute some music for the new title. Maybe then I could die a happy man. (nudge nudge)