Star Control

Local Multiplayer? AI vs AI?

Published on Wednesday, November 25, 2015 By IBNobody In Founders Starbase

Here are some thoughts about local multiplayer and the AI.

Local Multiplayer:

It was already announced that SC will have multiplayer capability over the internet. Will it have local multiplayer as well? I hope so, because it was fun to battle my friends in person. I would be very disappointed if I couldn't humiliate and trash talk my friends locally. That was part of the draw of SuperMelee.

Local Co-Op:

One other thing that might be fun would be to have the ability to have the option of local co-op in the campaign itself. Since the engine supports multiple ship combat, why not let us have 2v2 combat? Me and my friend vs two AI pilots?

AI vs AI:

Sometimes, it is more fun to watch than to play. You can learn a great deal by watching two Awesome Cyborg AIs fight. It was how I figured out how to use certain ships effectively. (Watching an AI battle between a Supox and a Chmrr was fantastic, even though the Supox was destined to lose most of the time.)