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What are your top 5 most important *new* additions in Star Control reboot

Published on Sunday, November 29, 2015 By Meleemike In Star Control Ideas/Wishes

I thought this might be an interesting topic.

To get a feel for what most Star Control fans are thinking.


1)Ship creation & customization.

I want to be able to create my own spaceship/fighter. Not just the flagship either. If I want create & design my own fighter, to take on an already default fighter ship in the game, I want to be able to do that. This is my most important wish.


2)Multi-player Melee mode

not just 2 player, but hopefully the 6, I'm hearing about.

Would love to do battle with 5 of my buddies in Melee mode off-line. That would be awesome!


3)Detailed Ship description.

In SC2, you can view the ship and get a rundown on what that ship does. I want more....I want a closer zoom view with 3D render as well as a look or tour from INSIDE the ship. Both default and created ships designs.


4)A 3rd Weapon?

A Special weapon?


Wouldn't it be cool, if not only did you have a primary & secondary weapon, but the ability to aquire A 3rd weapon or a special weapon? maybe one you have to find on a planet/moon or one to aquire from another alien allied race or take from an enemy race? That would be crazy awesome. Should be very difficult to get though.


5)The ability to merge 2 ships races into 1.

There's a reason why, I want to see this.


If you guys have some default ships in the game that stink. Lol

like Zog fot and an Umgah for example. Lol


What better than to see a transformation of weaklings into 1 pretty darn scrappy aliens.


Or maybe I create 2 ships that suck? But instead of deleting them, I merge them together, into one tough ship?


I just think that would be cool. Not a big deal and certainly not important to the success of the game. But to allow the freedom to do that.





BTW, I just played the Xbox one for the first time EVER last night, with some buddies.


He had I think the game was called Star Wars Battlefront..


Great graphics and was impressed with that, even though I stunk lol.


wanna know something?

SC2 from 3do was better.

Way better.


I kept thinking about the reboot SC.


But there was a space game he showed me that looked VERY cool called " something elite" or "elite something"

It was just a YouTube trailer though.


My point is....

It isn't going to take much to be the best modern day space game. If you do, what I believe you guys can?


It's going to crush all the other games by a mile.


Thank you!