Star Control

SC2 and SCR

Published on Tuesday, December 1, 2015 By Lone_Utwig In Founders Starbase

I suggest we discuss here what comprised SC2 and what will comprise SCR. This thread might help devs focus on certain things more.

In my opinion SC2 (maingame) was 40% conversations|interaction with aliens, 40% exploration and 20% - combat. Do you think that this ratio is correct? Should it remain the same in SCR?


Melee was fun in itself but I think that melee is something totally different, SC2 was mostly singlplayer and melee was just a bonus. If devs focus too much on melee and relevant balance - the main game might suffer. I think that there should be no balance in melee - some ships should be superpowerful, some weak... it gives more fun. Back in the old days I could  destroy ANYTHING with Thraddash torch and it was fun. So in my opinion devs should not focus on smooth/balanced melee part of the game too much. What do you guys think about it?