Star Control

The Music!!!

Published on Wednesday, December 2, 2015 By GnarlyFurtardo In Founders Starbase

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SD will have more info on this come January (per their tentative schedule) but I thought I'd get the ball rolling on this discussion early. Even though this has been discussed in the public forums, I wanted to open the discussion here with the Founders.  A big part of what made the SC2 so compelling was the awesome soundtrack, from navigation, to ship loadouts, to alien encounters.  It was because the original score was done by different artists, its lack of coherence helped to emphasize the differing parts of the game, and the different personalities of the aliens.  I know I was immediately sucked in when I heard the 'solar system' and 'starbase' background music for the first time, and I'm stoked that an original composer is on board. (I admittedly have re-listened to the SC2 soundtrack and remixes many times over the years)

So what did you like/dislike about the classic soundtrack?  What would you like to see (hear) in SCR and what type of music do you think SCR can do without?  Do you think the music of SCR should follow a similar path of multiple composers or should it be more coherent?