Star Control

Which platform to buy SC reboot on? Xbox 1 or PS4?

Published on Saturday, December 19, 2015 By Meleemike In Star Control Ideas/Wishes

Frog responded in a thread for me, that the Star Control reboot will eventually be on the Xbox one and later the PS4.


Here's my question...

Which platform would SC be better on?


I've never played the ps4 and only the Xbox 1 once.


I'm more familiar with the PS franchise owning a ps2 and stopping there.


But the Xbox is owned by Microsoft.


Would SC reboot be better on Xbox or will it not matter?


and yes, I will be buying a $300-$400 dollar system because Star Control is coming out again. That's how big a fan I am of the SC series.


Any help and experience from you guys on this, would be appreciative to me.


any differences from the game on either system from the founders/creators would be awesome as well.


Thank you.