Star Control

Random events, stock items and etc.

Published on Monday, December 21, 2015 By Lone_Utwig In Founders Starbase

Do you guys want to see some  random events? Like a month of efficient engineers that causes your engine to lower your fuel consumption by 5% or "sudden alien virus contamination" that reduces your crew by 15% or smth like that. It is not a timed event like Pkunk Death March that we had in an original SC but rather some small events with good artwork and description that might add some flavor....


I would like all racers to have some artwork-models for outpost-colony-advanced colony-capital (even if the only difference is going g to be color of the buildings). Would be great to encounter some outpost of XYZ race far away from their sphere of influence (are there going to be any?) and etc.


Plz. make sure (if you can) that the models-artwork-icons and etc. of  are moddable. So that we can have derelict ships, crash sites, meteor impact craters, alien ooze, giant defunct robots, fairy gardens. a Death Star  - what not. Both in space and on the surface of planets-moons (btw are there going to be moons or just planets?) Might be fun....