Star Control

April update is up!

Published on Sunday, May 1, 2016 By Lone_Utwig In Founders Starbase

First of all -  thank you all very much for the update! + I am very happy that you have more hands on deck now!

1) Re teaser into

A) Do you want it to be now for marketing purposes?

Do you want it to be as a full fledged in-game intro later on? i.e. what is your main goal with the intro now?

I think that at the moment into can be a set of partially animated slides showing good artwork, good music and some narration. "Slides" might have some basic animation - like guns firing, explosions happening, debris floating around, hyperspace (it is red ) vortex-portal rotating - you get the point. Intro should show the scale of the game - recall first minutes of Star Wars Ep. IV movie - when the big star destroyer was chasing the blockade runner. From the first shot it demonstrates that something big is happening. Same with this teaser - scale, some intrigue and quality artwork, music and narration. This is the way i see it. The cartoonish-comix style is ok with me.

2) Re Paul and Fred - do you know if the guys are discussing with Activision a possibility of being released from their contractual obligations (limitations)? It would be great to have them as outside consultants or something. Esp. if they (together with Stardock) could recreate the original SC2 story, say, as a stand alone DLC (For which i am willing to pay as much as a Founder`s fee if needed) later on. Don`t get me wrong, i am not saying that Stardock is doing poor work or something with the Reboot but having Paul`s and Fred`s involvement as early is possible is a big win.

3) Super melee - the shadow of some hairy vessel looks intriguing But again, I am not a big fan of melee so I am more into exploration, interaction thing and i would leave it to other backers to comment. But I like what I see in terms of design and variety. + Guys, we need a classic UFO! Make one, please!

4) Guys, please, give us some weekly update too, even if it is just an idea or something (like discussion of the galaxy size).

5) Re you can trust him file - There is something wrong about the eyes of the creature...they do not look alive Add some pupils of change the color. But the creature looks fun.

Thank you very much for the update!